Buster Ramsey


  • Chicago Cardinals (1946-1951)

Assistant coach


  • 5 × All-Pro selection ( 1946-1950 ) 1 2 team
  • NFL 1940s All- Decade Team
  • College Football Hall of Fame (1978 )
  • Virginia Sports Hall of Fame (1974 )

As a player

As assistant coach

  • 3 × NFL Champion (1953, 1954, 1957)

Garrard Sliger "Buster " Ramsey ( born March 16, 1920 in Townsend, Tennessee, USA, † September 16, 2007 in Chattanooga, Tennessee) was an American football player and American - Trainer. He has played as a guard in the National Football League ( NFL) for the Chicago Cardinals.


Buster Ramsey was born the son of a Methodist preacher in Tennessee. He attended Knoxville High School, where he played American football, but also worked as a track and field athlete. In 1937 he won with his team the national high school championship in American football. His team had defeated a school team from Florida with 37:0.

Playing career

College career

Garrard Ramsey studied from 1939 to 1942 at the College of William & Mary, playing for the " William & Mary Tribe " College Football on the position of the Guards. During his four years of game his team won 29 games, lost seven and played three times in a draw. Ramsey was elected twice to the selection of his league player and 1942 All American. He was the first game of his college, who was elected to the All American.

Professional career

Ramsey was in 1943 in the 14 lap 124 instead of the Cardinals. Because of his military service in the U.S. Navy he could begin his professional career until the year 1946. Coach of the team was Jimmy Conzelman, who already began Ramsey in his rookie year as a starter at the position of the right guards. In 1947, Ramsey was with his team the NFL championship win .. In the final, were the Philadelphia Eagles with 28:21 defeated. Ramsey succeeded in this game a pass from quarterback Tommy Thompson intercept and carry the ball for a distance of 41 yards toward the end zone of the Eagles. 1948 the Cardinals played a great season and have won eleven of their 12 games. In the final, however, the Eagles were able to put this time by 7-0.

After the 1951 season, Buster Ramsey ended his playing career.

Coaching career

Immediately after his playing career Ramsey joined as assistant coach Buddy Parker the Detroit Lions. Ramsey was responsible for the defense of the team and could significantly improve the defenses of his team. Ramsey was one of the first coach who used his linebackers to put pressure on the opposing quarterback using a flash. Players such as Yale Lary and Jack Christiansen, who are now members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame were molded by him to top players

In 1952 and in 1953 the team from Detroit won the NFL championship. 1952, the Cleveland Browns were defeated with 17:7, a year later, the team from Cleveland was beaten with 17:16. 1954 had the Lions against the Browns in the final game, however, a significant defeat suffered 56:10. After the 1957 season with the Lions Ramsey celebrated his fourth NFL championship. For the fourth time the Browns were the final opponents and this time the Lions scored a significant victory 59:14. The Defense of Ramsey showed outstanding performance and could intercept five passes.

After the 1959 season, Ramsey joined as Head Coach of the Buffalo Bills, who had settled in the newly formed American Football League ( AFL). The success of the Bills failed to materialize, however, and Ramsey 1961 was released. By 1964, Ramsey worked as assistant coach Buddy Parker at the Pittsburgh Steelers. Ramsey retired after the final out of the NFL back.


Garrard Ramsey was five times elected to the All- Pro. He is a member of the NFL 1940s All- Decade Team, since 1974 in the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame and in 1978 into the College Football Hall of Fame.

Away from the NFL

The brother of Buster Ramsey, Knox Ramsey, was also a professional football and occasionally plays for the Washington Redskins. Buster Ramsey operation after his career a farm and died of pneumonia and is buried in the Grantsville Cemetery in Marysville.