NFC Championship Game

The NFC Championship Game is one of the two semi-finals of the National Football League. Participating teams are the winners of the Divisional Playoffs of the National Football Conference (NFC ). The winner receives the George Halas Trophy and occurs at the Super Bowl against the winner of the AFC Championship games.

Acting NFC Champion are the San Francisco 49ers ( 2012 season ).

By 1970 the NFC Championship Game NFL Championship game was called. AFL and NFL went their separate ways until this year and played separately from their championships. Only with the merger of the AFL and NFL ( with simultaneous renamed AFC and NFC) was the game for the NFC Championship Game.

List of NFC Championship Games

NFC Championship Game appearances 1970-present

*: The Seattle Seahawks were from 1977 to 2002 a member of the AFC, they hold a total 2-1 record for conference championship games.

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