Caesars Palace

The Caesars Palace Hotel is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is built in the style of an ancient Roman palace; the name derives from Gaius Iulius Caesar ago, the ruler of ancient Rome, and is designed to reflect its glory.

This luxury hotel on the Las Vegas Boulevard has 3,960 guest rooms and suites in six rooms towers. Columns, statues and water fountains characterize the appearance of the plant. The built- in hotel casino occupies an area of ​​about 15,000 square meters. The Forum Shops, a large shopping mall with exclusive shops and a spacious garden and pool area are also part of the complex.


1962 Jay Sarno received a loan of 10.6 million U.S. $ from the Central States Pension Fund of the Teamsters and built from 1962 to 1965 for a hotel with an attached casino. It was opened on 5 August 1966. One year after the opening of the hotel, the hotel won great acclaim, as this is critically injured after he jumped in the presence of numerous spectators on the fountain along the right of way of Caesars Palace, but crashed on landing by the Motorradstuntman Evel Knievel.

In 1962, the construction of the Roman Towers, the first hotel tower with 680 rooms in the facility 14 floors. The semi-circular building was created centered behind the main entrance and the tree- fountain right of way. In 1970 the hotel was extended by the rectangular, again 14-storey, Centurion Tower with 222 rooms. The rounded Roman tower was later extended to an oppositely - curved curve. The Forum tower with 22 floors was added in 1979. On October 17, 1981 to September 25, 1982, the Grand Prix of Las Vegas took place at the parking area. Winner of the Formula 1 race were Alan Jones ( 1981) and Michele Alboreto (1982). Since the track was very bumpy at the parking lots of Caesars Palace, the Grand Prix was only held twice in Las Vegas.

The Caesars Palace was in the 1980s, venue of many famous boxing matches, before it was rebuilt in the 1990s by a pure casino hotel a family-friendly entertainment complex. This change has taken all the major hotels in Las Vegas. Even today, however, find boxing matches take place, especially in the outdoor complex " Thomas and Mack Arena ". 1987 Scenes of the 1988 Oscar-winning movie appeared Rain Man with Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman were filmed in the lead roles at Caesars Palace.

In 1997, the Palace Tower was built. For the first time whose facade was designed in the Roman-inspired style. The previously constructed hotel towers came from without just such. In the same year were also opened in 1992 Forum Shops, as well as the casino and conference space expanded and established the Roman well designed pool and gardens. In 2000, period features have now been to all previously built components retrofitted to bring them into the new swimming parts.

In 2003, the Colosseum was opened, a modern theater buildings with over 4000 seats, which is external to the ancient Colosseum in Rome modeled. Many artists have over the years a guest at Caesars Palace, such as Frank Sinatra, Liberace and David Copperfield. Since March 2003, are alternately among other Cher, Céline Dion and Elton John on stage at the Colosseum. For the Pussycat Dolls the " Pussycat Dolls Lounge" was opened beyond, in which she also appeared.

In 2004, the Forum Shops were expanded with a the Strip facing three storey development stage to its present size. In this part of the building also contains the well-known spiral escalators. In 2005, the Augustus Tower (35 floors, 949 rooms) and the new hotel lobby their determination has been sent. In the same year the French three -star chef Guy Savoy opened a restaurant at Caesars Palace.

In 2008, the Casino served as a movie set for the hit movie The Hangover. In this Alan ( Zach Galifianakis ) asks the receptionist if Caesar had actually lived at Caesars Palace. 2013, the hotel was again used as film set in Hangover 3.

The latest up to the hotel is the new Octavius ​​Tower and opened in 2011. The Caesar is one of the few Las Vegas hotels that since its opening demolished any buildings or parts (as in Las Vegas usual) has blown up, instead, has been further extended and remodeled.

Since 2013 located in the former Centurion Tower at Caesars, the independently operated boutique hotel Nobu Hotel.


After several changes of ownership, the Caesars Palace since 2005 is part of the Harrah 's Entertainment, Inc.. , The Harrah's Group Caesars Entertainment, Inc. (until 2003 Park Place Entertainment Corporation ), a company with 55,000 employees, has nearly 30 hotel - casinos around the world, taken. Since 2010, the entire company now occurs again as Caesars Entertainment.

In Las Vegas include the hotel Bally's, Flamingo and Paris to the group. There are other Caesars hotels in the United States, for example, in Atlantic City, New Jersey.


Hotel lobby

The main fountain on the right of way


The the Strip -facing facade of the Forum Shops

Escalator ride through the Forum Shops