Carlsbad 5000

The Carlsbad 5000 is a 5 -kilometer road race, which is held annually in Carlsbad in the U.S. state of California since 1986.

The organizers called the race World 's Fastest 5K (fastest 5 - kilometer race in the world). In fact, the track records of Sammy Kipketer and Defar are the fastest ever way past times with a 5 -kilometer road race. However, the Athletics IAAF leads over this distance no official record lists. The claim of the organizers that a total of 16 world records were set in Carlsbad, therefore, formally, is wrong.

The route is a flat loop with the start of the Grand Avenue and Carlsbad Village Drive on the target and runs mostly on Carlsbad Boulevard along the Pacific coast.


Track records

  • Men: 13:00 min, Sammy Kipketer (KEN ), 2000
  • Women: 14:46 min, Meseret Defar (ETH ), 2006

List of winners

Source for results before 2000: ARRS