Tirunesh Dibaba

Tirunehs Dibaba, Oslo 2008

Tirunesh Dibaba ( born June 1, 1985 in Bekoji, Arsi Province) is an Ethiopian long-distance runner. She is three -time Olympic gold medalist and five -time World Champion.


In 2003, she won her first international title at the Junior race in the IAAF World Cross Country Championships, where she was previously came second in the year.

In the 5000 - meter race of the World Athletics Championships 2003 in Paris / Saint- Denis, they won the gold medal at the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004 the bronze medal over the same distance behind Meseret Defar (ETH) and Isabella Ochichi (KEN ).

In the U.S. Hall Meeting Boston Indoor Games they put 2005 14:32,93 min an indoor world record over 5000 meters on, which was broken by Meseret Defar 2009. So you improved the record of Berhane Adere ( ETH) by nearly seven seconds. Two months later, she won at the World Cross Country Championships on both the short - as on the long haul.

At the World Championships in Helsinki in 2005, she won the gold medal over 5000 meters before Defar and over 10,000 meters in front Berhane Adere. Dibaba is the first athlete, who has won both long distances on the track at the same World Championships.

In 2006 she defended on the long haul her World Cross Country Championship title, and at the 2007 World Championships in Osaka, she won again the 10,000 -meter run.

In 2008 she was again World Cross Country Champion and Africa champion in the 10,000 meters. The members of the IAAF Golden League Bislett Games she worked with 14:11,15 min on a 5000 -meter world record, making the old record of Meseret Defar has been improved by a good five seconds.

Its exceptional status they presented at the Olympic Games in Beijing demonstrated. With 29:54,66 min, the second-fastest to go way past time, she won the 10,000 m gold medal before Elvan Abeylegesse (TUR ) and Shalane Flanagan (USA). On top of it a week later also won the race over 5000 meters in a time of 15:41,40 before Elvan Abeylegesse (TUR ) min and her compatriot Meseret Defar.

2009 improved Dibaba at Zevenheuvelenloop the world record in the 15 - km road race by 27 seconds, 46:28 min. A persistent ankle injury prevented their participation in the World Athletics Championships in Berlin. In 2010 she was at the World Cross Country Championships in Bydgoszcz Fourth and defended at the Track Africa Championships in Nairobi her title in the 10,000 -meter run successfully. After a long injury layoff, she won the 2011 financial statements the San Silvestre Vallecana.

Dibaba defended her Olympic title in Beijing at the Games in London in 2012. She is the first athlete that this will ever make it. About the 5,000 - meter distance it a few days later won bronze.

At the World Championships 2013 in Moscow, she won again the 10,000 -meter run.


Dibaba is 1.55 m tall, weighs 44 kg and is married to her fellow runners Sileshi Sihine. She is the cousin of two-time 10,000 -meter Olympic champion Derartu Tulu. Her older sister Ejegayehu Dibaba and her younger sister Genzebe Dibaba are also successful as a long- distance runners.

Personal Best

  • 3000 m: 8:29,55 min 28 July, 2006, London Hall: 8:33,37 min, January 26, 2008, Boston
  • Hall: 14:27,42 min January 27, 2007, Boston (former World Record )