Cat Cat ( Original title: Catscratch ) is an American animated television series from 2005 that was developed by Doug TenNapel on the basis of his comic album Gear from 1998..


The series is about the three cats brothers Waffle, Mr. Blik and Gordon that inherit from her deceased owner Lady Edna Cramdilly their villa and all its assets. The three hangovers are born not at all for the noble life.


Mr. Blik is the elegant and at the same time selfish and narcissistic of the three brothers. He thinks he is the greatest and will always come first. Especially Waffle is getting to him with his stupidity.

Gordon Quid is quite greedy and bold, at the same time but very loyal. He proves His great courage when he defeated the "Great Kraken ". His favorite food is lobster and his heart belongs to the Beloved Kimberly, who lives next door.

Waffle is the childlike and seemingly stupidest of the brothers. However, it has basic mathematical knowledge and powers of deduction. He is also able to reproduce knowledge in encyclopedia -like form. He gets on well with animals and quickly makes friends with the other. He has three newts.

Hovis is the butler of the villa and pretty unhappy that the cats were his new master. Nevertheless, he always keeps his dignity, no matter what happens to him. On his birthday, learn the three cats that he was a famous rock singer earlier.

Kimberly is an eight year old girl from the neighborhood. She is good friends with Gordon, who she idolizes. She firmly believes that there are unicorns and is a member of the Unicorn Club.

Production and publication

The series was produced in 2005 by Nickelodeon Studios, directed by Mike Girard. This was based on a design by Douglas TenNapel, who also wrote the screenplay. The first broadcast took place on July 9, 2005 to February 10, 2007 on Nickelodeon in the U.S.. The German version was first broadcast from August 19th to November 26th, 2006 by Nickelodeon. She was later repeated on the program window Nick after eight. Currently the series in the pay- TV channel Nicktoons night program is broadcast.

The series has been translated into Spanish, among other things, French and Finnish.


The German synchronization was produced by TV synchronous in Berlin.