Rabbids Invasion

Rabbids invasion is an animated television series created by Ubisoft in 2013, is based on the Raving Rabbids games series.


The series follows the adventures of the alien, hare -like " Rabbids " who come to Earth and explore these. They observe interested in the daily lives of people and animals and leads to misunderstandings and other incidents. The humor of the series is based largely on their slapstick elements.


From October 2010 gave Ubisoft and Aardman Animation announced a partnership for the production of the television series based on the games by Ubisoft and first began with a pilot. Aardman Digital, a division of British studios, had previously worked on a site for one of the games. From October 2011, Ubisoft worked with the newly established subsidiary Ubisoft Motion Pictures alone on the project, the national broadcast rights were sold to France Televisions, the international rights went to Nickelodeon. This Rabbids invasion was the first own film production by Ubisoft.

The 26 half-hour episodes consist of 78 seven-minute computer-animated episodes.


The 26 episodes will be aired from August 3, 2013 Nickelodeon in the United States for the first time. The transmitter network brings the series out in Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and France, which is in France shares the rights with France 3. A Canadian broadcasting is performed at YTV. In addition, the consequences on iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Xbox video, PlayStation Store, Samsung Media Hub and Vudu can be purchased.

The first episode of the series was seen in the U.S. by 2.6 million viewers and reached to its transmission time, the largest market share in boys and eleven years, including more than 57% in the six to eleven years.

Ubisoft has now announced that there will be a second season with 26 episodes. This is probably erstausgestrahlt mid-2014 in the U.S. and in France.


Ubisoft announced a Rabbids invasion game for the Xbox One, in which players may influence the progress of the action in a sequence.