Rugrats (English for shits, literal translation rug rats) is an animated series that produced the television channel Nickelodeon in cooperation with the production company Klasky Csupo. The series ran from 1991 to 1994. In 1996 the production of the series was resumed and continued until 2004.

To Rugrats was the successor series All Grown Up - produced almost grown up.

Framework for action

The series is about a group of babies between one and three years, the experience with their view of the world lots of adventure. The annual Tommy Pickles is the most important character in the series, followed by Chuckie, the twins Lil and Phil & the 3 -year-old Angelica, who usually tries to play a prank on the other children or otherwise not behaving nicely over the other. Even the parents of the children as well as Tommy's dog Spike are often seen in the series.


Thomas " Tommy" Pickles Louis is the most adventurous baby of the group. His daredevil approach strikes mostly for trouble. He is also the leader of the group. Tommy was named after the son of Paul Germain, one of the inventors of the series, named.

Dylan " Dil " Prescott Pickles is Tommy's younger brother, and unlike the other still a real baby. It was introduced in "The Rugrats Movie ".

Angelica Charlotte Pickles is Tommy Dils and cousin who always wants to play the Boss of the baby. She is about 3 years older than the other. In the presence of an adult, she plays the good girl, but when the baby makes it mostly for trouble.

Charles " Chuckie " Crandall Finster III is Tommy's best friend. He is the most fearful in the group where it has a particular fear of clowns. He is the only 2 -year-old in the group.

Philip " Phil" Richard Paul and Lillian "Lil " Marie Jill DeVille are Fraternal twins (boy and girl) who are always together. Both like playing in the dirt and love to eat bugs and worms.

Kimi Watanabe - Finster is Chuckie's younger step-sister and was in the second Rugrats movie, " Rugrats in Paris: The Movie " is introduced. Kimi is a very happy girl who smiles often.

Susanna " Susie " Yvonne Carmichael is a friend of the baby, who lives in the neighborhood. She is about to Angelica's age. She has two older brothers, Edwin and Buster and an older sister Alisa.

Stuart " Stu " Pickles is Tommy Dils and father. He also has a brother Drew Pickles, Angelica's father, with whom he argues time and again. Didi Pickles is his wife. Stu is a bit lebensuntüchtiger entrepreneur whose specialty is to develop strange toys for his company, which is registered under the name Pickles Industries.

Didi Pickles (birth name: Kerpackter ) is Tommy Dils and mother. It is a kind of mother who monitors every step of their children and also talk to the child psychologist Dr. Lipschitz, to be sure that their children grow up in the correct way.

Kalhern Louis " Lou" Pickles is Tommy Dils and Grandpa and often indulges in ancient times, and tells them extensively. However, he sometimes seems no longer to remember all right. In addition, he often sleeps just one.

Spike is the dog of pickles.

Reptar is a green dinosaur reminiscent of Godzilla. In Rugrats, he is only a fictional movie monster. Around him there in the series many merchandising products and even the euro Reptarland Park in " Rugrats in Paris: The Movie ".

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After 1994, the production ended on the series, Nickelodeon repeated episodes only. The U.S. television network put the series in 1997 in the prime-time, thus the Rugrats again received high ratings and the series was again becoming popular. After this success by repetitions were brought in 1998 the first film in the cinemas. Rugrats - The movie was a success and spawned over 100 million U.S. dollars. With Rugrats in Paris - The Movie came in 2000, a second Movie, 2003 he published The Rugrats Go Wild, but was not as successful as the first film.

After two years break, the 10th season of the series was in early June 2004 in America at the television station Nickelodeon on the air.

In addition, the sender or Klasky Csupo in 2003, a spin-off series called All Grown Up produced yet - Almost grown up, in which all persons Rugrats are nine years older. The spin-off is based on the Rugrats two-parter Fast growing (All growed up). Thus, this result also as an episode of All Grown Up O - be seen almost grown up. NICK began on 21 August 2006 with the broadcast of All Grown Up - Almost grown up.



Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards: Best Animation (1996-2001)

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