Planet Sheen

Planet Max is an offshoot of the series Jimmy Neutron and an American computer animated series. The animated series is produced by O Entertainment.


The series is about Max Estevez (English Sheen Estevez ), who was already on the show Jimmy Neutron here. When Max has a rocket of Jimmy Neutron borrowed, he crashed on the planet Zeenu. Now he has to make do with a villain called on Zeenu Zunkus (English Dorkus ), a two-headed princess and a chimp. Max has the environmental conditions on the planet to get to know, so he can return to his home planet Earth again.


  • Max Estevez is already known from the series Jimmy Neutron. Its characteristics have not changed in Planet Max. Since " the ruler " like him very much and he actually managed to fight a Fluck Zuck, he becomes the new advisor to the ruler.
  • Mr. Nesmith is a chimpanzee NASA, was sent on a space mission, but it was forced to land on Zeenu. He ruled shortly after the human language and received a great technical expertise. He is the opposite of Max, and assumes responsibility over him.
  • The ruler is an alien and a ruler over Zeenu. His head resembles a squid. Since Max his real name could not pronounce, he calls it simply " ruler ".
  • Princess Huppla is the daughter of the ruler, has two faces and is madly in love with Max. You are Max always has a " Roffenhoffer " which corresponds to a kind of kiss. However, Max finds repulsive.
  • Aseefa is a representative of a strain of human-like, blue aliens. She is a warrior and in around the age of Max Max since its first meeting in love with her. It has a Fluck Zuck as a pet, she calls Flucki Fluck.
  • Doppy Doppweiler is a worm -like alien, and Max's new best friend. He is the look and feel nearly identical with Carl Keucher the best friend of Jimmy and Max in the series Jimmy Neutron.
  • Zunkus was the first adviser of the ruler before Max showed up. Since then, he hates Max and sees him as their main competitors. He always says that if something bad goes again: " Verfluxt ". His house is regularly destroyed by Max. Max makes fun of his name, because " Zunkus " pronounced sounds like " kiss ".
  • Pinter is Zunkus ' consultants and often in a good mood. He belongs to a species of which looks like an eyeball with bat wings.
  • Bob is the Alienvernichter on Zeenu and very large and strong, but has a tiny head. He is allergic to many things and speaks with a Dutch accent.
  • Flucki Fluck is Aseefas pet and a Fluck Zuck. Aseefa has him under control and she does not realize how dangerous it actually is.
  • Doatie is Doppys pet and a lizard- like, verfressenes beings. Doppys parents have chosen him as a pet because it is very dangerous. If I break something, he eats it and spits it in the repaired condition, back off.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Doppweiler are Doppys parents. You are always worried about her boys. They meet Mr. and Mrs. Keucher from Jimmy Neutron.
  • Grish (also known as Grish, the Beautiful ) is an alien and Hupplas ex-boyfriend. Because he believes the Huppla and Max were a couple, he tries to get rid of Max. Max gives it to be understood that he wants nothing from Huppla and helps Grish doing that Huppla back in love with him. Grish has similar Huppla has two faces, two heads and therefore also two brains. Thus Grish is actually two in one. The nickname " the Magnificent " because of it's the most important thing for him, always look perfect.
  • Borok, the destroyer is a horse Similarly alien and used to be the meanest person on Zeenu. He has the ability to grip with his nose hair, and keep things in his nose and transport. Max and Zunkus were captured and imprisoned in his nose. However, Max was with an engine of the rocket itself, Zunkus and a Zeenuaner who went in as an infant there, free and thus removed all the mucus from the nose Boroks. Borok was thus able to breathe again, and is thereby well. Since then, he describes himself as Borok, the benefactor.

Production and publication

The series was produced by O Entertainment on an idea by Keith Alcorn and Steve Oedekerk. The music was composed by Michael Tavera and for the cut were Joe E. Elwood and Jake Patton responsible.

Nickelodeon exudes the series since October 2, 2010 from the United States. The first episode was broadcast as a preview on November 28, 2010 On the German branch.

For the other countries, the scenes were in which text is displayed, specifically rendered in the specific language.




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