Doug is an American animated series from Nickelodeon, which is about the daily life of eleven-year old boy Douglas Yancey " Doug " Funnie.

The series was designed by graphic artist Jim Jinkins and lyricist Joe Aaron. It was first aired from 1991 to 1994 on Nickelodeon. 1996 Disney acquired the rights to Doug as part of the acquisition of animation company Jinkins Jumbo Pictures.


Doug, who records his experiences in the diary, is the protagonist of this series. The real action is therefore usually introduced as a flashback. In addition to Doug 's friends Patti and Skeeter and his dog Porkey are regular protagonist of the series. Skeeter is his best friend and Patti Mayonnaise his crush. They all live in Bluffington, a fictional city in the United States. His opponent is Roger M. Klotz, a boy who is already often remained seated and Doug frequently annoyed.


Spoken by Billy West (1991-1994), who is also from Futurama Fry lends his voice among others in the original.

In Doug's cartoon, he is the evil Dr. Klotz stone and used his skills to cheat at school.