Invader Zim

Invader Zim is a technology developed by Jhonen Vasquez American animated series. The series was produced in 2001-2002 for the Viacom owned TV channel Nickelodeon.

The series ran in the United States since March 2001. Only two seasons were produced. Even before the end of the second season - after 27 episodes produced with 46 episodes - the series was canceled in December 2002 and many episodes were unproduziert spite finished storyboard. In Germany, the series can be seen from December 2005 to NICK and in Switzerland since 25 November 2006 SRF two bilingual.

Short Description

All alone ruined the megalomaniac Zim "Operation Impending doom " that his race should ( the Irken ) ensure the supremacy of the galaxy. Zim is therefore banished to the planet Fressotopia. There he hears from the operation " Impending doom Episode Two " and returns to get a second chance. In order to finally get rid of Zim and at least to ensure the success of Operation " Impending doom Episode Two ", send it to his leader, who can not stand " Almighty greatest of " the Zim to the death, to a place where no planet is suspected. Coincidentally, there is but one planet - Earth. Zim, however, it would not dream that one just wants to get rid of him. Since the greatest of Almighty Zim not with a functioning SIR (Standard information collection robot, in the original standard -issue Information Retrieval ) - want to equip unit as support, he gets instead, the psychotic, hedonistic, small robot named GIR ( not even GIR even know what the G stands in his name ), which was composed of the greatest of the Almighty in the rush of a bunch of garbage and Zim sold as particularly advanced model.

Once on the ground trying Zim to behave as inconspicuously as possible first. It fits its base the style of the people, it becomes a house with a toilet sign with a man on it ( thinking it was a sign that a man lives here ) on the front door. G.I.R. is camouflaged with a green dog suit with überdeutlichem zipper. Zim himself is as a human being (mostly as a schoolboy ), but forgets his green skin and the absence of his ears to hide. To find out the weaknesses ( in their defense system against alien invaders ) and secrets of Earthlings, he infiltrates the school ( skool ). Everything seems to go according to plan. He has not reckoned with his rather eccentric classmate Dib, the Zim and its actually quite clumsy masquerade seen through from the beginning. Lucky for Zim: Dib His classmates believe a word, as many consider it as nothing short of crazed psychotics. Basically, this is also no longer relevant, because even without fail Dib Zim's plans often mercilessly, due to the excessive self -esteem of the little Irken and its huge losing streak and finally completely crazy because of his robot GIR



Zim: Zim has come quite small and is part of the alien people of the Irken. He is full of self-confidence and tendency to megalomania. Zim is so full of himself that he will not tolerate any opposition. Even if the facts clearly speak against him, he invents rather sleazy excuses as to admit error. Only his misguided confidence in its leaders, the greatest of the Almighty seems to be stronger than his ego. Zim was sent to Earth into exile under the premise he should scout for an upcoming invasion. Firmly believe that this corresponds to the facts, he makes himself with zeal to work and make a mistake after another. He disguises himself, his assistants G.I.R. the robot and his base more bad than good and pretends to be a foreign child with a skin disease ( " green skin and no ears "). His greatest adversary is the boy Dib, who constantly tried to provoke him. However, Zim is itself dismissed by the Almighty greatest only as a "crazy Spinner ". Zim has already tried several times to Dib to create from the neck (including through time travel, fighting robots or a genetic virus ), but always failed in an extremely funny way. Like all Irken Zim wears a multi-function tool called PAHs on the back, which he claims as a satchel in his human form. In a planned, but never the translated sequence with the working title "Ten Minutes To Doom " Zim should have been separated from his PAK and slowly lost its identity because the body of an Irken only is there, the tissue-mimicking PAH to serve as host. However, speak to the fact that Zim in some existing consequences PAK briefly decreases, and in the episode " The evil rubber pig" his brain sitting in his head, accidentally exchanged for a rubber pig, what makes him a drooling idiot against this idea.

G.I.R.: G.I.R. is Zim's robot assistant. In contrast to the "right" conquerors who were all a standard information collecting robot ( SIR), which is also a thermos bottle, got Zim GIR. What is not known is the "G". The " greatest of the Almighty " have assembled him from a few scrap pieces and handed over to Zim. G.I.R. rarely work properly and acting like a hyperactive toddler. He also seems to be prone to schizophrenia, because it constitutes direct orders for a few moments sequence ( usually regardless of who exactly tells him ), only to get right back into incoherent moronic behavior relapse. He likes to eat tacos and burritos, drinking slush -ice drinks, sees a lot of TV and playing with rubber animals. He considers himself a rubber pig as a pet and friend. G.I.R. has no moral consciousness and usually behaves very strange. That he often buys things as a dog, can speak or can walk on two legs, has been perceived only by Dib as a special feature. In one of the later episodes should G.I.R. be blood, but this was forbidden by Nickelodeon. Then in 14 Invader Zim episodes were images of Bloody GIR inserted.

Dib: Dib is the son of the great scientist Prof. membrane and has dedicated his life reconnoitring paranormal phenomena. It is held by all the world as crazy and mad and even had a stay in a mental hospital ( for boys ). Although he tries relentlessly to prove that Zim is an alien, but is dismissed as cranks. He heard as Agent Mothman ( Mothman ) the " organization of the swollen eyeballs ", which deals with the paranormal. In addition, he had to get lucky to Irkentechnologie as Taks spaceship crashed in his front yard. Dib is regarded as paranoid as he once even watched a sloth, because he considered it an " alien ". Jhonen Vazquez hinted in interviews that the series had been continued, it would have turned out that Dib is not Professor Membranes biological son but a spurious of this Android.

Gaz: The younger sister of Dib. She is the only except Dib and the school psychologist Mr. Dwicky who knows ( or noticed ) that Zim is an alien. Gaz but does not care that this is trying to conquer the world. She is of the opinion that he was too stupid and incompetent to his plans ever put into action. Gaz is a very self-centered, unbalanced and anti-social girl who feels disturbed by almost all and others (especially Dib ) looks like to suffer. In addition, she has a strong passion for video games, pizza and pigs and fear few things. Gaz Dib holds for crazy and she can not stand his voice. It is considered extremely strong-willed and obnoxious child.

Prof. Membrane: Prof. Membrane is the largest and best scientists of the earth and the father of Dib and Gaz. He is constantly busy with any of these scientific projects and rarely at home. He has built, among others, a generator consumes no energy and is the creator of " Super Toast". Worries he makes are primarily his "poor insane son " and hopes that its crazy ideas grown with time. Although Professor Membrane is undoubtedly awesome, he is not interested in paranormal phenomena like Dib. " Membrane" however is only the first name of the professor and not about Gaz and Dib's last name, which remains unknown.

The greatest of the Almighty: The Almighty greatest of "Red" and "Purple" are the leaders of all Irken. The main reason for this is apparently only their superior height, which plays a crucial role in the Irken. They constantly cram with snacks and enjoy yourself in all possible ways. In particular, the actions of the hated Zim with them, they often laugh. They seem to be good leaders, because after all, they control half the galaxy. You have Zim equipped with the largest scrap to the Irken Empire ever saw. Mostly they stay on the mother ship of the Irken and control the military campaigns of its empire.

Ms. Bitters: Miss Bitters is Zim and Dib's class teacher. Her teaching is characterized in that it prepares students for a meaningless life as a failure. Even in her childhood bitterly disappointed ( "Dreams inevitably end in painful implosion " ), also makes them her students no hope of a happy and successful life. She has a terrible sun allergy and sometimes seems to float like a vampire or spirit beings without legs across the room. My favorite word is " destruction" and prefers a very strict parenting style ( "Your parents will all receive a call, to have using the statement you in the future less dear ").

Tak: Another Irkin who wanted to make their final exams to the elite soldier 50 years ago (or at least on a transitional basis for the Conqueror ). However, they could not seem to, as she caused a power outage, the Zim, was stuck in her house. Tak she could not catch up and now had to wait another 70 years for the next opportunity. So you looked for the person in charge ( Zim ) to take over its mission to impress the " greatest of the Almighty " and are still appointed to the Conqueror. Tak had a self-constructed spaceship and the SIR " Mimi ". They disguised their base as oversized hotdog stand and gave himself as Zim as a schoolchild from. The fact that Zim worked with Dib and Gaz, they could be expelled from the earth. Finally, their ship fell into the hands Dib ( who lost it shortly after themselves). Although personally Tak plays in only a single two-part episode, there were plans to let them occur again. There were plans to its SIR robot Mimi in Cat to Dog GIR to pit to during an animal show. They appeared for the first time on Valentine's Day, where everyone cuts of meat gives in heart shape. Zim thinks that Tak is in love with him and makes her presents, of which earthlings are really excited.