Challenge to Lassie

Lassie is in need of an American feature film from the year 1949. Protagonist of the film is the Rough Collie Lassie. The film is based on the novel Greyfriars Bobby by Eleanor Stackhouse Atkinson. The novel, in turn, represents the true case of the Skye Terrier Greyfriars Bobby, who oversaw 14 years at the grave of his master in the churchyard of Greyfriars Kirk in Edinburgh.


In 1860 runs in Edinburgh, Scotland before the Supreme Court a court case to the lady Collie Lassie. John Traill told court the story of the dog:

Jock 'Gray takes on the vegetable market of a stray collie female. While the dog lady, which he calls Lassie grows up, he teaches her the sheep herding. Just before he wants to leave Edinburgh to the north, he trusts his friend Lassie MacFarland, so she comes on his farm, but returns Lassie promptly back to him. John Traill, the host of Jocks regular guest house, advises him to take Lassie. Shortly after his departure Jock is attacked by two thieves. It comes with Lassie under in a guest house in which he died the next morning from a stroke. The grieving Lassie sits at Jocks grave and visited his tribe restaurant. After Lassie disappears and is recovered from the cemetery overseer, John brings them to MacFarland, as stray dogs, for the licensing of 12 shillings is not paid, to be put under Scots law. From there, Lassie escapes, however, and runs to the cemetery again. The cemetery overseer Brown studied together with his daughter Susan, John and his son, the law student William, looking for a way to keep Lassie before the overzealous Sergeant Davie. One day take Davies policemen Lassie into custody; John gets a summons to court for the unpaid license. Immediately put a John and William opposition and seek in the maturity them remaining for a way to save Lassie. After several days disappearance Lassie again appeared at the cemetery; the pastor she saves from Davies again access.

As the Chief Justice is about to pronounce sentence of death Lassie, the town's children enter the courtroom with the 12 shillings, they have collected for Lassie. He tries to explain that Lassie nevertheless had to be killed, because only the owner can pay the license, but fails because of the nagging demands of children. When suddenly heard the evening signal and Lassie frantically escapes from the courtroom to go to the cemetery, this confirms the judge in his stance that the judgment should be enforced. John leads the Court to the monitored at Jocks grave Lassie, so as to convince them of the danger of the Collie dog. After consultation with his colleagues of the Lord Provost Lassie gives finally the honorary citizenship of the city of Edinburgh, so that it is exempt from the license and can continue to visit Jocks grave.


" 1859 gambling adventurous and amusing animal story with some sentimental effects and satirical swipes at city regulations and civic orderliness. "