Communist Party of Denmark

Danmarks Kommunistiske Parti (DKP ) is the oldest Communist Party Marxist- Leninist embossing in Denmark. It was founded under the name of Danmarks Venstresocialistiske Parti (Left Socialist Party of Denmark ) on 9 November 1919. It involved members of Socialdemokratisk Ungdomsforbund, Socialistisk Arbejderparti and Det Uafhængige Socialdemokrati. Your present name the party since 1920.


Party leaders were Aksel Larsen ( 1932-58 ), Knud Jespersen ( 1958-77 ) Jørgen Jensen ( 1977-87 ) and Ole Son ( 1987-91 ). After that existed from 1991 to 2003 a collective leadership. Since 2003 Henrik Stamer Hedin is chairman.

1945-1990 gave the Communists the daily land og Folk ( German land and people ) out.

The DKP was sitting before the war from 1932 to 1941 in the Folketing. 1941, the Communists were banned by the German occupying forces. Most communists were arrested and sent to German concentration camps. After the war, the DKP was represented from 1945 to 1960 and from 1973 to 1979 in the Parliament. The number of members dropped from about 60,000 in the early postwar years to less than 300 today.

The DKP was formed in 1989 with Venstresocialisterne and Socialistisk Arbejderparti the Socialist- Green Unity List, which sits in the Folketing since 1994.

Election results

Folketing elections

Source: Folketingets Oplysning

Student organization

In September 1968, the first student organization was founded in Aarhus with the DKP, Danmarks Kommunistiske Studenter (short Komm.S. ). In 1974, a nationwide umbrella organization was created, the number of connected local and university groups grew quickly to 28 between 1977 and 1982, Frank Aaen was its chairman, later Folketing MP for Enhedslisten. With the collapse of the Eastern Bloc in 1989 broke up the student organization.

Known members