Coutras is a commune with 8062 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011) in the Gironde department in Aquitaine in the region at the confluence of the Isle and Dronne. She is a member of the Communauté de Communes communities du Pays de Coutras.


Finds prove that the area was inhabited in prehistoric times.

In the 16th century the city was a center of French Protestantism. So here was in 1587, a battle takes place between Protestants under the future Henry IV and a Catholic army under Anne de Joyeuse, who was killed in these battles.

In the wake of the French Revolution Coutras was capital of the canton of the same name.


It can be seen the remains of a Gallo- Roman villa and a military camp from that time. It is also worth seeing the re- built in the 15th century Gothic church, but the choir was built in the Romanesque period, and which has a central dome.

Community partnerships

Coutras is twinned with the German community thorn city in Baden -Württemberg and with the community Blaenavon in Wales.