Daqing (Chinese大庆 市/大庆 市) is a prefecture -level city in the Chinese province of Heilongjiang. The administrative territory of the Daqing City was created in December 1979 by merging the cities of Datong, Honggang, Longfeng Ranghulu and Sairt and four circles to a city at the district level. The Daqing City has 2.9 million inhabitants ( 2010).

The inhabitants Daqing live in an area of 22,161 km ², which is the size of the state of Hesse. The population density is 131 inhabitants / km ². In Hesse there are for comparison and 288 in Berlin than 3,900 per km ². Daqing is known primarily for its oil fields and the slogan Mao Zedong: " In agriculture, learn from Dazhai, in the industry of Daqing. "


Daqing is located approximately in the middle between Harbin and Qiqihar, and has a total of 2.59 million inhabitants ( 2010), of which 1.13 million in the urban area. The area is 22,161 km ², of which 5197 km ² urban area. Daqing is on average 150 m.

The city districts Daqing are geographically separate, enclosed urban settlement areas, or " cities " that are partially dozens of kilometers apart, administratively but - as with other prefecture-level cities in China - form as municipalities together with the circles and the Autonomous District of Daqing City.

Administrative Divisions

Daqing is made up of five boroughs, three circles and one autonomous district together: the state of population figures: January 1, 2003.

Ethnic composition of the total population Daqing (2000)

At the 2000 census for the entire administrative area of ​​Daqing 2,578,051 inhabitants were counted.


Daqing has a typical temperate continental monsoon climate. Influenced by the cold air from Inner Mongolia and the warm current in the Pacific Ocean has Daqing cool and snowing winter and windy spring and autumn. The annual rainfall is 445 mm, the average temperature of 3.5 ° C ( -19.2 ° C in January, July 22.9 ° C).


The oil fields of Daqing, the largest oil production sites in the People's Republic of China. They were discovered in 1959 during the Great Leap Forward and lying between the rivers Songhua Jiang and Nen Jiang. It originally contained at least 14 billion barrels of crude oil, other estimates even be up to 35 billion barrels of. 1963 started in Daqing with the promotion. During the last 30 years about 1 million barrels / day was promoted to this day about 12 billion barrels were taken. Since 1998, the funding is in the oil fields in decline ( peak oil ). Nevertheless, they still make out about 1/4 of China's oil production. Accordingly, great were the efforts to halt the decline. Since the water content in subsidized oil but continues to rise, the Daqing Oilfield Company has decided in 2004, the flow rate in the coming years to reduce in order to increase the lifetime of the field; see "China 's Oil Trio Domestic Exploration Cost Surge ".


In Daqing is the 260 meter high radio and television tower Daqing.