Dietmar Woidke

Dietmar Woidke ( born October 22, 1961 in Obernaundorf, district forestry ) is a German politician of the SPD. Since August 28, 2013 he was Minister President of Brandenburg and since August 26, 2013 state chairman of the SPD Brandenburg. Previously, he was from October 2010 to August 2013 Minister of the Interior of Brandenburg and from November 2009 to October 2010 leader of the SPD in Brandenburg parliament.


Woidke grew up with a brother on a family owned farm for centuries. His father was a mechanic and his mother chief accountant of an LPG. After graduation in 1980, the NVA military service in Cottbus, he studied from 1982 to 1987 agriculture and livestock production / nutrition physiology at the Humboldt University in Berlin and graduated with a degree in agricultural engineering. From 1987 to 1990 Woidke was a scientific assistant at the Institute of Physiology of Nutrition. In the period from 1990 to 1992, he headed the mineral feed manufacturer SANO - mineral feed GmbH scientific department. He was from 1992 to 1993 Head of Office of Environment and Agriculture of the county forest, according to the Brandenburg district reform then until his election to the Landtag Brandenburg 1994 Head of Office for Agriculture of the District Spree -Neisse. He received his doctorate at the Humboldt University in Berlin after successfully defending his dissertation on laboratory tests for preservation by means of straw urea - sucrose addition and dry matter degradation of Konservate by the nylon bag methodology 1993.

Dietmar Woidke is Protestant, married to his second wife and has a daughter (* 1987) from his first marriage. The family to which his wife a daughter from a previous relationship part, lives in his parents' home in Forst ( Lausitz), the district Obernaundorf.


Dietmar Woidke occurred in 1993 in the SPD. He was elected to the Brandenburg state parliament for the first time in 1994 and since then a member of the Parliament. His constituency was initially Spree- Neisse II, he won the right in 1994 and 1999. After the direct mandate he could not win in 2004 and moved just over the national list in the state legislature, he entered 2009 in the constituency Spree- Neisse I, he won directly. In parliament he was deputy from 1994 to 1999, Chairman of the Committee on Food, Agriculture and Forestry and from 1999 to 2004 Member of the Committee on Agriculture, Environment and Spatial Planning. At times, he led the lignite Committee of the State of Brandenburg. After he was not considered for the state government in 2009, he took over from November 2009 until his appointment as Interior Minister in October 2010, the Chairman of the Group of the SPD and became a member of the Presidium of Parliament. From December 2009 to November 2010 he was also Chairman of the Main Committee of Parliament.

From 1998 to 2003 he was also a city councilor in Forst ( Lausitz ), and was from 1998 until his appointment as Prime Minister in 2004, the council of the district of Spree- Neisse on. In the local elections in 2008 Woidke was again chosen as a city councilor in the City Council of Forst ( Lausitz), as well as a representative in the district council Spree- Neisse. These mandates he gave back in October 2010 in connection with his appointment as Minister of the Interior of Brandenburg.

On August 26, 2013 Woidke was chosen as the successor of Matthias Platzeck chairman of the SPD National Association Brandenburg. At the Annual Congress of the SPD on 14 - 16th November 2013 in Leipzig Woidke was elected as assessor in the Federal Executive of the SPD.


From 13 October 2004 until October 21, 2009 Woidke was Minister for Rural Development, Environment and Consumer Protection in Brandenburg. After the state elections in 2009, he was not intended for any government posts more, in order to increase the proportion of women in the Cabinet.

Following the resignation Rainer Speer September 23, 2010 Woidke was appointed by the Prime Minister Matthias Platzeck on 6 October 2010 as the new interior minister and sworn in before parliament. Woidkes successor as faction leader went to Ralf Holzschuher. As interior minister Woidke was in charge responsible for the administration modernization in the state of Brandenburg. In this role, he was chairman of the committee, referred to TV conversion.

One of the biggest reform projects, was responsible for the Woidke as interior minister, was the police reform in Brandenburg. They targeted a reduction in staff numbers in the Brandenburg police of about 8,800 in 2010 to 7,000 by the beginning of 2020 from. So far, Brandenburg had two police headquarters, a state police and a national unit of input ( READ ). On 16 December 2010 the Brandenburg state parliament approved the draft law on the bundling of these authorities in a new police headquarters with effect from 1 January 2011.

Prime minister

Following the resignation of Matthias Platzeck Woidke was elected on August 28, 2013 Prime Minister of Brandenburg.

More offices

Woidke was from 2006, President of the Brandenburg Cycling Association. This office he held for a period; In 2008, he did not run again. He was also Chairman of the Board Abfallentsorgungsgesellschaft Neisse river Spree.