Malu Dreyer

Anna Maria Luise " Malu " Dreyer ( born February 6, 1961 in Neustadt on the Wine Route ) is a German politician (SPD). Since 16 January 2013, it is Prime Minister of Rhineland -Palatinate and the first woman who ruled this state.

The Rhineland-Palatinate state government had listened as Minister of Social Affairs, Labour, Health and Demography from March 2002.


Background, education and career

Dreyer was born the second of three children of a teacher and a school principal. After a school year abroad in Claremont, California in 1977 and graduating from high school in 1980 at the Käthe-Kollwitz -Gymnasium Neustadt Dreyer began studying English and Catholic Theology at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. The following year, she joined the law. She graduated from both the First State Examination in 1987 and the Second State Examination in Law three years later with honors.

As of 1989, Dreyer worked at the Mainz University as a research assistant to Hans -Joachim plow. In 1991 she was appointed as a judge on probation and received a service contract as a prosecutor in Bad Kreuznach.

Political career at the local and state level

Dreyer is a member of the SPD. From 1995 to 1997 she worked full-time mayor of Bad Kreuznach. From 1997 she served as Deputy Mayor social affairs, youth and housing the city of Mainz.

On 15 March 2002 she appointed the then Minister President Kurt Beck in place of Florian Gerster in his cabinet. Dreyer was then until January 2013 Rhineland-Palatinate Minister of Labour, Social Affairs, Health and Demography. Fiercely criticized by the opposition in the parliament, it was in the course of the so -called " Rodalben Affair." In the Southwest Palatinate city in November 2003, a governess of two was 16 - and a 17 -year-old passenger of a youth center has been stabbed. The opposition accused the Minister of Social Affairs serious failures in the planning and implementation of the " institutionalization rather than remand " before and demanded her resignation in 2004.

Since January 15, 2005 Dreyer is chairman of the SPD Trier. In the highly successful for the SPD parliamentary elections on 26 March 2006 Dreyer came as the successor of the outgoing parliament president Christoph Grimm as a candidate for the electoral district of Trier and sat down here, among others, against the CDU regional chairman and top candidate Christoph Böhringer by which to subsequently the choice of all party offices resigned. In 2011, she won the state elections with 40.6 percent of the primary vote again the direct mandate in the constituency Trier.

After Kurt Beck announced on September 28, 2012 his resignation as Minister -President of Rhineland -Palatinate in early 2013, Dreyer was elected on January 16, 2013 by the parliament with 60 out of 100 votes for prime minister. This makes it the fourth incumbent prime minister in Germany (as of 2013). Dreyer also took over from Kurt Beck, the chair of the Broadcasting Commission of the countries.


  • Cabinet Beck III (March 2002 - May 2006): Minister of Labour, Social Affairs, Family and Health
  • Cabinet Beck IV (May 2006 - May 2011 ): Minister of Labour, Social Affairs, Health, Family and Women
  • Cabinet Beck V (May 2011 - January 2013): Minister of Social Affairs, Labour, Health and Demography
  • Cabinet Dreyer (since 16 January 2013): Prime Minister


Malu Dreyer is married since July 2004 with Klaus Jensen, who was secretary of state at first and then was elected mayor of Trier. The avowed Catholic, lives with her husband in Schammatdorf, an inclusive and intergenerational housing project near the Benedictine Abbey of St. Matthias in Trier. Since 1994, Dreyer has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, so it has to rely on longer distances for locomotion on a wheelchair. It is, among other patron of TAG Trier, a project of multiple sclerosis sufferers for MS sufferers.