E11 European long distance path

European Route E11 is a west-east route, which is about 2,500 km long and coming from Western Europe, extends substantially central European lowlands and is expected to reach Eastern Europe.

The long distance footpath runs as a Dutch " Marskramerpad " of Scheveningen in The Hague Leiden, Amersfoort, Deventer and Oldenzaal to Bad Bentheim. Shortly before the Bentheim suburb Guildhall reached the E11 Germany. Now the Töddenweg is followed, the next stations Rheine, Osnabrück Mettingen and finally are where the Töddenweg ends at the main station.

The section of Deventer and up to Osnabrück is offered by Euregio as a trade route.

In the further course of the Wittekindsweg leads the E11 at Bad Essen past to reach the Weser in Porta Westfalica. In this section the Wiehengebirge is crossed.

At Minden the river Weser mountain country is passed to continue to come in the further course on Kleinenbremen, Hameln to Lauensteiner pass on the Ith comb. About Alfeld, Schildhorst and Bad Gandersheim leads to Seesen. From Seesen walkers increases in the resin. The further course is about the Lindtalskopf, for Innerstestausee about Goslar and Bad Harzburg, by Ilse castle, Wernigerode, Blankenburg and Ross Trappe. Here Thale, Gernrode, Ballenstedt, Wippra connect, to get to Eisleben.

Due to the lowlands of the Saale and Elbe the Sweet Lake, Halle- Trotha, the Petersberg, Görzig that Mosigkauer Heath, Dessau, Luisium and Wörlitz be touched with its landscaped park. After crossing the Elbe at Coswig the E11 has assumed a northerly direction about. The next highlight is the flaming, it will be the castle Rabenstein, Raben, hail, Bad Belzig and the monastery Lehnin happens before the path to the eastern Havel country plunges. On the other directions follow places like Ferch, Caputh and Templin Lake and the state capital of Brandenburg, Potsdam.

The Potsdam Park landscape, such as the Park Babelsberg and Kleinglienicke be passed and thus to reach Berlin. The E11 is approaching from the southwest over the Berlin Grunewald the center of Berlin. In ostsüdöstliche direction of the walker comes to Berlin -Friedrich Hagen, Dahl Joke Hoppe garden and Altlandsberg, both of which are already available outside the capital. Now leads the way in the märkische Switzerland, followed Waldsieversdorf, Buckow and Neuhardenberg, Seelow and Reitweiner spur. The path has reached here at riding the wine Or. Along the river you will reach Lebus, Frankfurt and Słubice on the eastern Polish banks.

The widths of the Warta fracture are the hikers. The trail continues on Międzychód, Chojna, Szamotuły and after a few kilometers to Poznań (Posen). Behind Poznań, the path runs through the heath Bromberger, followed Gniezno ( Gniezno ), Inowroclaw ( Hohensalza ) and Toruń ( Thorn ). As of Toruń is the tour over Brodnica, Iława and Grunwald, Olsztyn ( Olsztyn ). The Mazury are achieved. The plan is to connect through the Lithuanian and Russian border.