Earl Strickland

  • 8-Ball Championship: Round Latter- 32 (2011)
  • 9-Ball World Cup: Victory ( 1990, 1991, 2002)
  • U.S. Open (9- Ball): Victory ( 1984, 1987, 1993, 1997, 2000)
  • WPM: Victory (1997)

Earl Strickland ( born June 8, 1961 in Clinton, North Carolina, United States) is an American professional pool player.

Early years

Strickland grew up as the son of a farmer in the rural part of North Carolina. At the age of nine, his father took him to do there some errands in the city. When they were done, his father asked him if he wanted to play a round of pool. Earl replied that he did not know what it was - a "pool". His father told him the game as well as the proper body posture and queue. After the game was for the little Earl clear that this is "his" was playing. From then on, he gave the dollar that he sent along his mother every day for school meals for the game and hungry rather all day until dinner. Soon he was the best player in his county and had beaten all adults. at 15, he played his first tournament and won it. Impressed by the applause of the spectators, in the " gamers game" is not clapped knew Earl, that he will from now on professional players wanted. within just four years, he had played to approach the U.S. elite and won his first professional tournament.


Strickland is the only player who has already won three times the WPA World 9-Ball Championship (1990, 1991 and 2002). Overall, he has won over 40 professional tournaments, including five times the U.S. Open 9- Ball ( 1984, 1987, 1993, 1997 and 2000) and the World Pool Masters (1997). He represented the U.S. so far thirteen times in the Mosconi Cup, most recently in 2008. 2005 he was also named MVP. Since 2006 he is a member of the Hall of Fame of the Billiard Congress of America. His nickname in the pool scene is The Pearl.


Much like John McEnroe, he is considered slightly more irritable and explosive character. Barry Hearn and Steve Davis said about him that he, like Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde was. Earl himself confirms this view. If he is on the winning side, then he 's already jumping time on the table. After a shock against Thomas Engert at Mosconi Cup 2006 " vergeigten " suggested he frustrated his cue on the floor, the upper part was broken. He replaced it and won the game then with 7:4.

At the same tournament in the game against Davis, it happened that he expressed himself not only loud ( towards himself ), but also loud verbal fights with his teammates, the referee Michaela Tabb and the audience received. Tabb warned then the audience and threatened with the expulsion of the affected viewers, they should continue to disrupt the game by shouting .. Strickland answered the shouts with violent counter- call, after which he was admonished. Strickland responded with a harsh. ! " Shut up " ( Shut up ) After both Tabb and Davis offended, he apologized the next day with a bouquet of flowers for his behavior.