EE-9 Cascavel

The EE -9 Cascavel (Portuguese: Cascavel, in German: rattlesnakes ) is a six-wheeled and four-wheel drive (6 × 6) armored personnel easily produced in Brazil. Developed and produced was the vehicle by the Brazilian defense contractor Engesa in the 1970s.

The EE -9 Cascavel is also used by the following states (selection): Chile, Ecuador, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Colombia, Libya, Myanmar, Peru, Qatar, Uruguay and the Republic of Cyprus;


  • Cascavel I: had the U.S. M36 Tower with a 37 mm gun, which was used already in the M3 Stuart.
  • Cascavel II: equipped with a French 90 - mm gun, which was already used by the AML -90 armored personnel carriers.
  • Cascavel III: equipped with a 90 mm ​​Cockerill cannon and installing a new transmission.
  • Cascavel IV: new engine and new transmission, improved night vision optics and laser rangefinder. In addition, a .50 cal anti-aircraft machine gun was installed.