Eichstedt ( Altmark) is a municipality in the district of Stendal in Saxony -Anhalt ( Germany ). It belongs to the municipality Arneburg - Goldbeck, which has its headquarters in the town of Goldbeck.

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Eichstedt in Ostaltmark lies on the right bank of the lamp, about 8 km north of Stendal.

The municipality Eichstedt (Altmark ) include the districts Baben, Baumgarten, Eichstedt ( Altmark), Lindtorf and Rindtorf.

Neighboring communities of Eichstedt ( Altmark) are Goldbeck in the north, Hohenberg- Mark Kruse in the northeast, Arne castle in the east, in the southeast Hassel, Stendal in the south and west as well as small Schwechten in the northwest.


1204 and 1225 appeared originally created as Rundlingsdorf Eichstedt the first time in documents. According to him, called the Altmark Uradelsgeschlecht of Eichstedt, whose coat of arms is found again with the fallen swords on a blue background in the municipal coat of arms.

To a name change occurred on 1 January 1998, when the town Eichstedt in Eichstedt ( Altmark) renamed.

Through a field amendment agreement, the municipal councils of the municipalities have Baben ( 27 January 2009 ), Eichstedt (Altmark ) ( 11 February 2009 ) and Lindtorf ( 29 January 2009 ) decided that their communities dissolved and a new community with the name Eichstedt (Altmark ) were combined. This agreement was approved by the county as a lower municipal supervisory authority and entered into force on 1 January 2010.


Parish council

In the local elections on 14 June 2004, it gave the following results:

  • CDU 51.7 %
  • Four individual elected with 48.3 %

Coat of arms

The coat of arms was approved on 28 July 2004 by the regional council of Magdeburg.

Blazon: " Split of blue and silver; front fan-shaped three lowered golden swords with round head, rear, two pale blue oak leaves, each with two small golden acorns in blue capsule on the petioles. "

The colors of the community are blue - silver ( white).

The tincture blue refers to the light that flows around Eichstedt in the bow. In the family of Eichstedt indicate the three swords, whose headquarters Eichstedt was first mentioned in documents in 1204. By bewinkelten with two acorns oak leaves, reference is made ​​to the place name and the two districts Eichstedt and Baumgarten.

The coat of arms was designed by Jörg Kommunalheraldiker Mantzsch and out into the approval process.

The council of the newly formed community Eichstedt (Altmark ) decided on 14 January 2010 that old coat of arms of inputs were Eichstedt community to accept and continue. This was approved on 1 February 2010 by the county.


The flag is white - Blue ( 1:1) striped ( cross- shape: strips horizontally extending, longitudinal shape: strip running vertically ) and centrally occupied with the municipal coat of arms.

Economy and infrastructure

Transport links

The breakpoint Eichstedt ( Altm ) lies on the railway line Magdeburg- Wittenberg. From Eichstedt ( Altmark) on a country road leading to Jarchau Arneburg and to Stendal.


  • Gustav Nachtigal ( born February 23, 1834 in Eichstedt ( Altmark), † April 20, 1885 off the coast of West Africa ), German explorer