Schollene is a municipality in the eastern part of the district of Stendal, in Saxony -Anhalt ( Germany ). It belongs to the municipality Elbe- Havel -Land, which has its headquarters in the town of Schönhausen (Elbe ).

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The territory of Schollene lies between the Havel and the country Schollene, a forested Endmoränenbogen. The Havel coming changes its flow direction near Schollene from east to north. Not far from this Havel knee is the 70 -acre Nierower or Schollener lake. The southern part of the wooded community area is used as a military training area. Next town Rathenow in the adjoining district of Brandenburg Havel country.

Community structure

To Schollene include the districts

  • Ferchels
  • Mahlitz
  • Whey mountain
  • New Schollene
  • Neuwartensleben
  • Nierow

As well as residential places

  • Elshof
  • Karlsthal


Originally wendisch populated place first appears in 948 in a document. The name derives from Skolena = knee from ( Havel knee).

Apart from agriculture, the unique in Germany promoting Pelose from the bottom of Nierower or Schollener lake plays a role. The mud Pelose is used in hospitals and health clinics in rheumatic diseases, sports injuries, as well as in cosmetics.

The manor castle Schollene was built in 1752 and moved often the owner, the von Werder, of Wartensleben and von der Hagen. Until the land reform in 1945 it belonged to the family of Alvensleben.

The district Ferchels was first mentioned in documents in 1369. The name ( formerly also " Verkels " and " Verchels " ) comes from Slavic " vruhu " which means " mountain peak " means, ie " place on the mountain ." Both the old village center - a Wendish Rundling - as well as the westernmost newer part are built on flood-proof increases.


Parish council

In the local elections on 7 June 2009, gave the following results:

  • Youth: 29.1%
  • Single applicants: 24.1%
  • Initiative Schollene: 19.2%
  • CDU: 10.3%
  • SPD: 10.2%
  • Left: 7.1%


For the Social Democrat mayor Armin Wernicke was elected on 17 February 2008, who took office on July 1, 2008. He received 55.7 % of the vote and won against his three competitors.

Coat of arms

The coat of arms was approved on 13 November 1995 by the regional council of Magdeburg.

Blazon: " Divided by silver and blue; forward a red golden eagle reinforced at the gap with golden clover stalks on the wing, rear pole obliquely staggered three silver gulls in the form of an 'M'. "

The basic colors of the municipality Schollene have always been blue - white, therefore the choice of these tinctures in divided plate. Half the red eagle documented the historical affiliation to the Electorate of Brandenburg. Schollene was since the Christianization in the 10th century always been a border area and by its strong castle bone of contention between the diocese of Magdeburg and Brandenburg. The seagulls symbolize the lake and the nearby Havel, so the water resources of the country Schollene.

Historical coat of arms image

The former municipalities Ferchels, whey Mountain, Neuwartensleben and Schollene resulted in your community Siegel ever had a similar coat of arms seal image. This introduction of the districts and counties in the GDR (1945-1952) was used in the period after the Second World War until about. Another source is the Kreisheimatmuseum in Genthin.

Old seal of the municipality whey mountain

Old seal of the municipality Neuwartensleben

Old seal of the municipality Schollene


The flag is blue - white ( 1:1) streaked with the municipal coat of arms placed.

Economy and infrastructure

Transport links

The community Schollene is located on the road from Havelberg to Rathenow. In Klietz 10 km away, there is a junction with the road 107 from the B 107 branches in Wulkau the road to Rathenow from. The nearest railway station is located in the Großwudicke ten kilometers away in Brandenburg on the railway line Berlin- Stendal. There buses stop of the Regional Public Transportation West Saxons ( RVW ) stendalbus under the brand name.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Charles of Pritzelwitz (1794-1874), Prussian military and Chamberlain
  • Alkmar of Alvensleben (1874-1946), Obermedizinalrat and Director of the State Women's Hospital in Magdeburg