Emblem of the Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic

The coat of arms of the Azerbaijan SSR is based on the coat of arms of the Soviet Union. It shows not only symbols of agriculture and an oil feed tower, which is on the rich natural resources (among petroleum) point.

The color red and the hammer and sickle symbolize communism, the five-pointed star "socialism on all five continents ." The rising sun stood for the " bright future " of the country of Azerbaijan.

The banner is the slogan " Workers of all countries, unite! " In Russian and Azerbaijani specified.

In Azerbaijan, the sentence is: Бүтүн ватанрин пролетарлары, бирлешин! and in today's Latin script of the country as Bütün vatanrin proletaları, birleşin! reproduced.

Furthermore, the former country name in two languages ​​, Russian and Azerbaijani, stated.