Emblem of the Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republic

The coat of arms of the Turkmen SSR is based on the coat of arms of the Soviet Union. It shows symbols of agriculture (cotton and corn ) and heavy industry ( oil rigs ) as well as a symbol of religion, a Koran. The rising sun stands for the future of the country Turkmenistan, the star and hammer and sickle for the victory of communism and the " world socialist community ."

The banner is the slogan " Workers of all countries, unite! " In the languages ​​of Russian and Turkmen specified.

In the Turkmen Soviet times the sentence was Әxли юртлариң пролетарлары, бирлешиң! written in today's Latin script of the country he is Ähli ýurtlaryň proletarlary, birleşiň!

The abbreviation of the country is specified only once, since it is the same in Russian and Turkmen.