Società Nazionale per l' Assistenza al Volo

The ENAV SpA - Società Nazionale per l' Assistenza al Volo (German " National Society for flight assistance" ) is responsible for air traffic control in Italy. It is a joint-stock company, which is currently 100 percent owned by the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance and supervised by the Ministry of Transport. The company's headquarters is located in Rome.


ENAV were entrusted with tasks of the state. It is as an Air Navigation Service Provider, with its approximately 3,300 employees responsible for air traffic control and air traffic management, flight information service and the meteorological services and for the operation of civil air navigation systems. With the military air traffic control of the Italian Air Force, the air traffic control authorities of other States and the European Union ( Euro Control) and various international organizations, there is a close cooperation.

The ENAV is responsible for airspace over 751,728 km ² expands. Are monitored here some 1.6 million flights per year. It maintains four Area Control Centers ( ACC) in Milan, Padua, Rome and Brindisi and takes over air traffic control services at 40 Italian airports. The ENAV has an air traffic control academy on the Forlì airport. At the airport, Ciampino, it maintains four Piaggio P.180 for the flight inspection of air navigation facilities.


The entire civil and military air traffic control in Italy was up to the year 1979 in the hands of the Italian Air Force. On the basis of (illegal ) protests of military air traffic controllers and the intervention of the then President Sandro Pertini entrusted with civilian tasks air traffic controllers from the 1982, the Azienda Autonoma per l' Assistenza al Volo per il Traffico Aereo Generale ( AAAVTAG ) were first placed under an air traffic Commission, a public institution, emerged. From this emerged the 1996 public corporation Ente Nazionale per l' Assistenza al Volo ( ENAV ). On 1 January 2001 it was converted into a public limited company. As the company name it retained the acronym ENAV, but not the advertised version that has now changed as subtitles in Società Nazionale per l' Assistenza al Volo. First appeared in 2003 Suggestions for a partial privatization, which then largely fell silent because of legal concerns, and also because of the resistance of employees over the years.

ENAV acquired in 2007, the company Techno Sky Srl, with its new, approximately 800 employees operates the majority of the technical air traffic control facilities in Italy and waits. The subsidiary was founded in 2012 SICTA ( Innova Tivi Sistemi per il Controllo del Traffico Aereo ) is responsible for research and development. Lately ENAV increasingly working together with the Finmeccanica company Selex Sistemi Integrati, which manufactures radar and other air traffic control systems. Together they offer abroad to integrated service provision.

In January 2014, the Italian government decided to partially privatize ENAV. 49 percent of the shares to be sold.