Guerino Vanoli Basket

2012/13: 11th place

Guerino Vanoli Basket is an Italian basketball club from the Lombard Cremona. The club was founded in 1999 as U.S. Gruppo Triboldi Basket in Soresina, a municipality in the province of Cremona. After climbing to the highest Italian league Serie A merged Triboldi Basket 2009 Juvi Cremona and since then plays in Cremona. The association is supported among others by the hardware store Vanoli from neighboring Soncino. In September 2011, Aldo Vanoli took over the presidency of Secondo Triboldi and named the club in honor of his father.

The club played since 2001 in the third Italian League Serie B1 and in 2006 went on to the second division Legadue. There, he finished in the following seasons each places in the top third of the table. 2009 you could by a victory in the play- offs to reach the remaining promotion place in the Serie A table after a third place in the main round. After the merger with Juvi Cremona and moving into the capital of the province took place. In his first Erstligasaison Vanoli Cremona reached the 13th place in the table, which could be improved in the following season only slightly with the 12th place. After a weak start to the season 2011/12, where you slipped to the bottom of the table, you can still reached after a coaching change the tenth place in the table in the final table.

In the season 2010/11 came from the perspective of the German Basketball Bundesliga remarkable constellation, that in addition to acting in Cremona since 2009 point guard Earl Jerrod Rowland, 2009 German Vice Champion and Cup finalist with Telekom Baskets Bonn, the actors Je'Kel Foster and jasmine Perković, both in 2009 German Champion with EWE Baskets Oldenburg, and Blagota Sekulic, 2009 German Cup winner with Alba Berlin, played in a team.

Squad 2013/2014

Known player

  • Italy Andrea Conti 2001-2011, 2012-2013
  • Italy Flavio Portaluppi 2005-2008
  • United States Keith Langford 2006/ 07
  • United States Quadre Lollis 2006-2009
  • Italy Marco Cusin 2007-2010
  • United States Troy Bell 2008-2010
  • United States / Bulgaria Earl Jerrod Rowland 2009-2011
  • United States Je'Kel Foster 2010/11
  • Montenegro Blagota Sekulic 2010/11
  • Slovenia Marko Milič 2010-2012
  • Croatia Jasmin Perković 2010-2012
  • United States of wafer 2011
  • Italy Daniele Cinciarini 2011-2012
  • Croatia / Bosnia and Herzegovina Andrija Stipanovic 2012/13
  • Italy Luca Vitali 2012/13