Legadue Basket

Legadue, also written Legadue, is the second highest Italian league in basketball. The league is run by the organization of the same name, whose seat is in Bologna, in cooperation with the National Federation Federazione Italiana Pallacanestro. The League itself is therefore officially known as ' Campionato di Legadue ' (literally: Championship League Two ) because of the same name out in the parlance this distinction, however, is not common. The league was founded in 2001 and sparked then the series from A2. During that period he named the top flight Serie A1 into Lega Basket Serie A.


In their first season in 2001/ 02 were fourteen teams in the main round. The first eight teams determined in play-offs a newly promoted to Serie A. The two last- placed teams were relegated, then still in the series B. In the following increased playing time both play-off finalists, as Virtus Bologna Serie A were excluded. In the third season 2003 /04, the first place winner of the main round was entitled directly to the rise, while the play-offs playing off one another climber at number two to nine between the teams. In the season 2004/ 05, the league was expanded to sixteen teams and also played an own League Cup. This mode was then maintained until the season 2010/11. Since the season 2010/11, there is again only a sporty intermediate, so that the main circuit first turn must qualify through the play-offs.


Series A2 ( 1974-2001 )

The predecessor of Legadue was the series A2, which was founded in 1974 under the series A, which from then on was called Serie A1 and brought together teams from the previous three-pronged series B. The regular fourteen -team league was last sporty and economically less attractive, so that in the last two seasons from 1999 to 2001 only eleven or ten teams took part in the match operation.

Legadue (since 2001)

The neugründete second- highest division was then economically successful in the sequence. This appeal is also reflected in the fact that the participating clubs alongside American players who had played first-class in other European countries, could also undertake national player from Northern and Eastern European countries. Including the German national team Misan Nikagbatse were ( between 2004-2009 ) and Sven Schultze (2009 to 2010) and the Austrian national team Benjamin Ortner (2007/ 08). But even in this league there were bankruptcies of participating clubs. Through retreats and exclusions of associations among other things, from the series A therefore rarely actually had to dismount both sporting relegated a season; most could at least achieve a free license to the whereabouts of a league club. In the 2010/11 season only three clubs with Basket Rimini Crabs, Snaidero Udine and Pallacanestro Ferrara filed for bankruptcy, and there were after the season the voluntary withdrawal of UC Casalpusterlengo. Nevertheless occurred for the season 2011/12 turn sixteen teams, which fell after the upgrading of Umana Venezia in Serie A to fifteen.


1 This season the main round first was not a climber, but only the winner of the play-offs. 2 By license returns and withdrawals of other clubs re- licensing of another season was possible.