Gyumri (Armenian Գյումրի; Russian Гюмри; . Engl and French transcription Gyumri ), with about 130,000 inhabitants, the second largest city of Armenia and the capital of the province of Shirak. Formerly called the city Leninakan and before Alexandropol. The residents of Gyumri speak a local dialect.

Location and economic

Gyumri is located in the west of the country, near the border with Turkey at about 1592 m.

The industry consists among others of carpet mills and metal processing factories. Unemployment is high after the devastation caused by the earthquake of Spitak in 1988. Five kilometers outside of the city center, the airport Gyumri, the second largest airport in the country. Also the home to the first division club FC Shirak Gyumri Armenian.

About ten kilometers northwest remained Marmashen in the valley of Akhurian three churches from the 11th century, the former monastery.


The place was inhabited sporadically since ancient times. The present city was founded in 1837 in a Russian fortress. She shared the changing fortunes of Armenia. From 1840 to 1924 it was called Aleksandropol ( Александрополь, Ալեքսանրապոլ ) and during the part of the Soviet Union from 1924 to 1991 Leninakan ( Ленинакан, Լենինական ), 1991-1992 Kumajri ( Կումայրի ).

On December 7, 1988, a major earthquake shook the Lori region in the north of the Armenian SSR, in which 25,000 people were killed. In addition to the town of Spitak, which was almost completely destroyed, and Leninakan Kirowakan were (now Vanadzor ) severely damaged and many surrounding villages.

Numerous particular non-socialist countries took part in the reconstruction work. This is reflected in the diverse architecture of the new buildings, which are often characteristic features of the countries concerned. A special feature of the system operated by the German Red Cross in Berlin " Berlin guest house " represents a merger of various aid agencies from West Berlin was commissioned to build a health clinic for medical care. For a building on the main street has been made available. Since the West German principle of a polyclinic both outpatient and inpatient care includes, in addition to an ambulance for the most complex medical subjects and a patient ward was built. Since the socialist variant of the polyclinic but provides a purely outpatient care, this bed leading department was not required. We therefore decided to re use the premises as a guest house. This developed from the circumstances improvisation has now led to the outpatient medical operation can be realized in large part from its own funds. In particular, for example, investment in modern equipment technology are possible, in contrast to the other local medical facilities.

Twin Cities


Sons and daughters of the town

  • Anania Schirakatsi ( 610-685 ), Armenian scholar, mathematician and geographer
  • Georges I. Gurdjieff (probably 1866-1949 ), Armenian- Greek esoteric
  • Poor Tigranjan (1879-1950), composer
  • Olga Chekhova (1897-1980), German actress
  • Hovhannes Shiraz (1915-1984), Armenian poet
  • Mher " Frunsik " ​​Mkrttschjan (1930-1993), actor
  • Schak Suprikjan (1937-2011), Soviet football player
  • Artawasd Peleschjan ( born 1938 ), Armenian filmmaker
  • Vartan Militosjan (* 1950), European champion in weightlifting
  • Jurik Vardanyan ( born 1956 ), Olympic champion in weightlifting
  • Levon Dschulfalakjan (born 1964 ), Olympic gold medalist in wrestling
  • Mnazakan Iskandarjan (born 1967 ), Olympic gold medalist in wrestling
  • Israjel Militosjan ( b. 1968 ), Olympic champion in weightlifting
  • Harut Vardanyan (born 1970 ), football player
  • Artur Petrosyan ( b. 1971 ), football player
  • Gevorg Dawtjan (* 1983), European champion in weightlifting
  • Tigran Vardan Martirosyan (* 1983), European champion in weightlifting
  • Nazik Awdaljan ( born 1986 ), world champion in weightlifting
  • Hrajr Mkojan ( born 1986 ), football player
  • Tigran Hamasyan (* 1987), jazz pianist
  • Meline Dalusjan (* 1988), European champion in weightlifting
  • Tigran Gevorg Martirosyan (* 1988), world champion in weightlifting