Haikou - formerly written Hoihow - (Chinese海口 市, pinyin Hǎikǒu shì ) is a prefecture-level city in the north of Hainan Province in the People's Republic of China and is also the capital city and economic center. The administrative area of the city has an area of ​​2305 km ² and the end of 2004 approximately 1.71 million inhabitants ( stay population, of which principal residence: 1.43 million ). The city is located on the largest island of Hainan Dao Hainan province consisting of several islands.

Administrative Divisions

At county level, Haikou is composed of four districts. These are:

  • City Longhua District龙华 区, 300 km ², 440,000 inhabitants;
  • City district Xiuying秀英 区, 512 km ², 290,000 inhabitants;
  • Municipality Qiongshan琼山 区940 km ², 360,000 inhabitants;
  • City District Meilan美兰 区, 553 km ², 510,000 inhabitants.

Ethnic structure of the population Haikou (2000)

The census of 2000 counted 830 192 inhabitants Haikou.


Haikou has evolved in recent years into a modern industrial city that attracts many people from other Chinese provinces. The old China is only seen in the old town, the rest of the downtown area is dominated by high-rise buildings.


The city's history dates back to the Han Dynasty more than 2000 years ago. In the Tang Dynasty and the Song Dynasty was the most important connection between Haikou Hainan and the mainland. In 1988 the city was declared the capital of Hainan. This Haikou has evolved from a small border town into a modern city.

Sports & Leisure

Held annually in March here since 2008 Ironman China instead - a triathlon competition over the long distance (3.86 km swim, 180.2 km cycling and 42.195 km running). The Snooker World Open Tournament, a world ranking tournament will be held here since 2012.


Haikou is located in the tropical zone. There is an oceanic tropical monsoon climate. The average temperature in January is 17.2 ° C and in July 28.4 ° C.


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