I'm the Man (EP)


I'm the Man is a song by American thrash metal band Anthrax. It was first released as a B- side of which appeared in early 1987 single "I Am the Law". In the fall of 1987, the song was released as an EP again. It is considered the first published song until then, the combined metal with rap.

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The song is a joint composition of all band members. To the imaginary actually a fun piece, the band was inspired by the Beastie Boys. It was originally recorded for use only as a B- side of the single "I Am the Law". It seemed the band too risky to publish the piece on its own. The song was listed as a running gag during the 1987 tour to the just released second album " Among the Living ", played singer Joey Belladonna drums and the other band members led the Rapgesang from. Later, the band interrupted the tour to the occupation Joey Belladonna ( vocals), Dan Spitz ( guitar), Scott Ian (guitar ), Frank Bello (bass) and Charlie Benante (drums) re-record the song in two versions. As co-producer Eddie Kramer acted. In 1991, Anthrax took on another version of the song. The song belongs to the repertoire of the live performances of the band.

Part of the song is a sample of Metallica's songs Master of Puppets. It is scored for the typical metal with drums, bass and guitar and has a few scratches. The lyrics of the song is humorous and self-deprecating.


The first released as a B- side of the single "I Am the Law" in the spring of 1987. Later, the decision was made to release the song as the theme song of an EP. On this EP the song ( Censored Radio Version), a "Def Uncensored Version" ( Uncensored version) and a live version was in a " Censored Radio Version " included. Complemented by a cover version of " Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" in the band Black Sabbath, and two other live recordings ( " Caught in a Mosh " and "I Am the Law" ), the EP was released in fall 1987. The album cover shows the band members in front of a graffiti sprayed wall with jogging suits, sneakers and baseball caps in typical rapper poses. The live recordings were taken on July 11, 1987 during the " Among the Living " tour in Arcadia Theatre in Dallas, Texas.

The song is included in the different versions on numerous compilations, live albums and best-of- releases of the band. Cover versions of other bands, however, are not known.


The EP " I'm the Man " debuted in December on the Billboard 200 and reached 53rd place there In the UK, the EP rose in December 1987 to 20th place in the album charts in Sweden, it reached 1988 42nd place was in the United States EP 1 988 gold and platinum status in 1993. In Canada she received in 1990 for 50,000 units sold gold status.