In Her Shoes (film)

In Her Shoes (Original title: In Her Shoes ). 's An American movie from 2005 Director Curtis Hanson, the screenplay was written by Susannah Grant based on a novel by Jennifer Weiner. The film stars Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette. In Germany the film attracted almost a million viewers in the cinemas.


Maggie Feller must leave the house of her stepmother Sydelle and moves in with her ​​sister Rose, who works as a lawyer. The sisters argue constantly, mostly because of unsound way of life of Maggie, but also the shoes that Maggie often borrows at Rose. When Rose one day Maggie and Jim, her boss and lover caught in bed together, she puts Maggie to the door.

Maggie goes to Florida with her grandmother Ella Hirsch. You want to get from her 3000 dollars to go to New York City to start a career as an actress there. Ella taught her instead a job in a nursing home. At the same time it promises to double the wages earned by Maggie money from its own funds.

Meanwhile, Rose announces her job as a lawyer and works as Hundeausführerin. She meets former colleagues Simon Stone, with whom she arranges to meet more frequently. The gourmet stone leads in selected restaurants.

The person suffering from dyslexia Maggie befriends in the nursing home with a blind, bedridden literature professor, said she reads. Thus they learn to read without error. A poem in which the friendship between two women is described, they moved deeply. Ella tells her granddaughter Maggie of their deceased committed suicide by car accident mother, who suffered from manic depression, and is committed to ensuring that the sisters be reconciled.

After her engagement and subsequent armed with stone Rose comes to Florida and reconciles with Maggie. With Roses and Simons Wedding Maggie recites another poem she moves very strong and expresses her feelings for her sister.


The film received more positive reviews, but some critics described the action as too little complex or cheesy. James Berardinelli criticized on ReelViews the script, which he considered more appropriate for a sequence like a sitcom Golden Girls. He praised highly the presentation of Toni Collette and Shirley MacLaine as well as distorted brat of Cameron Diaz.

" In Her Shoes is ultimately no more than a worthy conservative women's film, employing a good aufgelegtes ensemble exclusively to its protagonists, which initially appeared in a life on its own two feet, independently from the constraints of the bourgeois family, at least in the realm of possibility, reassigning the duties as mothers and wives. Thus, the film speaks possibly a large part of the audience from the heart, societal development but goes in a different direction. "


Toni Collette and Shirley MacLaine were nominated in 2005 for the Satellite Award. Shirley MacLaine was nominated for the 2006 Golden Globe Award. Furthermore, the lead actress Cameron Diaz in 2006 was for the Imagen Foundation Award in the Category: Best Actress ( Best Actress) nomination. A nomination in the same category, but when assigning the AFI Awards, also received the actress Toni Collette in 2006.


  • Novelist Jennifer Weiner and her sister Molly and her grandmother play in the movie bit parts.
  • In the poems, the Maggie an old man reads, this is the one to the villanelle One way that the evening arrive in 1976 by Elizabeth Bishop and on the other to pass, original Let Evening come, which was written by Jane Kenyon.
  • In the poem, Maggie at the end of the film reads on the wedding, it is I carry your heart with me by EE Cummings.