The Inter- National -League is an Austrian- Slovenian - Italian Hockey League and was founded on July 14, 2012 in Villach by the representatives of the Austrian Ice Hockey Federation ÖEHV, the Slovenian Ice Hockey Federation HZS and representatives of the clubs concerned new. It is located one level below the international Erste Bank Hockey League and is aimed at semi-professional clubs.

Mode and participants

In the first season up with the four Austrian club EHC Bregenzerwald, VEU Feldkirch, EHC Lustenau and EK Zell am See and the Slovenian Club HK Slavija Ljubljana and HK Triglav Kranj total of six teams participate. In the first round all teams played each six times in three double rounds against each other, whereby 36 games come about. The championship will start on 15 September 2012 the last game in the regular season was held on 2 March 2013. The semi-finals and the final were carried out in the best- of-five mode.

For the second season, the league expanded to 15 teams. In addition to four other clubs from Slovenia also has five teams in the Italian Serie A2 be included. The league plays a single round, after the first five teams will play at the venue where the play-offs and the remaining teams in two groups of three participants play at the play-offs. The play-offs will be played in best-of -five system and end no later than 8 April 2014.

Participants 2013/14:


Seven of the eleven teams of last year's Austrian National League left the league. The two teams of the EC hagn_leone Dornbirn HC TWK Innsbruck and were included in the EBEL and other teams intended to retire in the amateur sport. With only four remaining participants in the resolution of the second division level in Austria was imminent.

Since a cross-country competition, Slohokej league below the EBEL with teams from Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia due to a dispute of the Slovenian Ice Hockey Federation ( HZS ) with the Slohokej operating company will not proceed with due to the insolvency of Acroni Jesenice with more than 2 million euro debt HDD Olimpija Ljubljana remained a single Slovenian team, also the situation of the Slovenian hockey substructure deteriorated. Olimpija ( and Jesenice ) increased in the previous year in the Slovenian championship playoffs and played in the final of the champions from each other.