Jens Erik Madsen

Jens Erik Madsen (born 30 March 1981) is a former Danish racing cyclist.

Jens Erik Madsen began his career in 2004 at the Danish cycling team Glud & Marstrand. He was fourth in 2005 at the GP criterion Arriva. Since 2006, Madsen riding for the Continental Team Designa Køkken. In July, he was third in Scandinavian Open Road Race. At the Track Cycling World Cup 2006/2007 in Sydney and Los Angeles, he was with the Danish national team second in the team pursuit. In March 2007, he finished with Danish web - four third place at the Track Cycling World Championships in Palma de Mallorca. After 14 years ( World Cup Bronze 1993), a Danish team again won a medal at the world championships in this supreme discipline of cycling. In March 2008 the Danish train foursome won the silver medal at the Track Cycling World Championships in Manchester, after they have driven in qualifying with a new world record 3:57,734, the third best time ever.

Since 2013 he is sports director at Team Trefor.

Achievements - train

  • Denmark Danish Champion - Scratch
  • World Champion - team pursuit
  • World Cup - team pursuit
  • World Cup - team pursuit
  • World Cup Sydney - team pursuit
  • European Championships - Madison ( with Michael Smith Larsen )

Achievements - road

  • Antwerpse Havenpijl
  • Denmark Danish Champion - Team Time Trial


  • 2012 Team Tre -For
  • 2011 Team Concordia Forsikring - Himmerlands
  • 2010 Team Designa Køkken - Bluewater
  • 2009 Team Capinordic
  • 2008 Designa Køkken
  • 2007 Designa Køkken
  • 2006 Designa Køkken
  • 2005 Glud & Marstrand
  • 2004 Glud & Marstrand