Jerry Yang (poker player)

Xao ( Jerry ) Yang ( * 1968 in Laos) is a living in the USA poker players.

Yang studied psychology and works as a psychologist and social worker in Southern California. He is married and has six children. In 2005 he started playing poker.

In 2007 he played with for the first time at the WSOP and he succeeded at first a sensation. In the Main Event of the World Series of Poker 2007 he was able to prevail against a field of 6358 poker players and win the world title. Until recently, some top stars like Scotty Nguyen, Huck Seed and Lee Watkinson were represented. The final table but Yang could not be stopped and very quickly conquered the leadership that he did not relinquish it until the heads-up against Tuan Lam. In the 205th hand played at the final table Jerry Yang won the decisive race with 8 ♣ 8 ♦ A ♦ Q ♦ against Lam, as he could complete on the river a road. Jerry Yang received the winner's check in the amount of $ 8,250,000.

In addition to his profession as a psychologist, he is involved in several charitable organizations. He donates 10 % of its poker revenue to foundations such as McDonald's or children's aid Make-A -Wish Foundation.

In April 2013, the American tax authorities auctioned among others various jewelery and Bracelet by Yang, after he had failed to pay taxes due.

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