Kerry McCoy

Kerry R. McCoy ( born August 2, 1974 in Riverhead, Long Iceland, New York ) is a former American professional wrestler. He was vice-champion in 2003 and 2000 and 2004 Olympian in free style at heavyweight.


Kerry McCoy attended high school in Middletown, Iceland, New York and began in 1987 with the rings. As a high school wrestler, he played in free style 168 fights, of which he won 150. Subsequently, he attended the Pennsylvania State University. It was at this time a member of the New York Athletic Club. At a size of 1.88 meters, it had grown into a full heavyweights of about 125 kg body weight (bw ). His coaches were Hachiro Oishi, Greg Strobel and Kevin Jackson.

The international career of wrestler Kerry McCoy began in 1990, when he finished 2nd place at the Junior World Championship ( Cadets ) in Szombathely in the weight category to 83 kg body weight behind Lucka Kotchija from the Soviet Union. In 1992 he was then in Cali, Colombia in the weight category to 88 kg body weight even Junior World Champion in front of Miguel Molina Dominguez from Cuba and Saban Segkin from Turkey.

In 1993, he won the U.S. Championship of students AAU (Amateur Athlete Union) and was then (at that time to 100 kg body weight) used in the Pan American Games this year in the heavyweight division. He won there before Wayne Weathers from Canada and Luis Marquez of Puerto Rico.

After 1993, the international career of Kerry McCoy was suspended for five years. This was Bruce Baumgartner, the preeminent American freestyle wrestler in the Super Heavyweight those years, Olympic gold medalist and multiple world champion, who freely made ​​no starting place for Kerry McCoy.

But this was at the national level, especially as a student wrestler achieve some further success. He was 1994 NCAA champion, came in 1995 at these championships to 3rd place and won in 1997 for the second time the title at the NCAA Championships (NCAA = American University Sports Association ). Even in the U.S. Championships he placed between 1994 and 1999 always in the front field. In 1996 and 1997 he was runner-up.

Following the resignation of Bruce Baumgartner Kerry Mc Coy won the 1998 World Cup elimination before Tolly Thompson and could therefore first time this year to start at a World Cup. In Tehran, he defeated it in the heavyweight division with Andrei Schumulin from Russia, Sven Thiele of Germany and Aydın Polatçı from Turkey three high-profile athletes. In the semifinals, but he was defeated by Alexis Rodríguez Valera from Cuba. In the final battle for the bronze medal he met again on Andrei Shumilin and defeated with 0:3 Techn points. With the 4th place he could as World Cup debutant, given the enormous heavy competition, be very satisfied.

In 1999, Kerry McCoy in both the United States Championship, as well as the World Championship Trials in each case behind Stephen Neal to 2nd place and was not used in the World Cup. He won it this year at the World Cup in Spokane. Here he succeeded in winning over Ebrahim Mehrabi from Iran, Wayne Weathers from Canada, Sven Thiele and Alexis Rodríguez Valera.

In 2000, he was American heavyweight champion for the first time. He repeated this success by 2004 four more times. His main rivals were doing Tolly Thompson, Stephen Neal, Tom Eriksson, Steve Mocco and Thomas Rowlands. He won in 2000 also at the Olympic Trials and had thus won a place at the Olympic Games in Sydney. There he won initially Murabi Valiev from Ukraine and Redschab Aschchabalijew from Azerbaijan and lost in the quarterfinals against Artur Taymazov, who later won the silver medal and 2004 and 2008 Olympic champion, was almost 9:11 techn. Points. With another victory over Alexei Medvedev from Belarus, he fought his way to fifth place yet.

2001 represented Kerry McCoy The United States again at the World Championships in Sofia. After victories over Aubeli Otto from Hungary and Usukhbayar Gelegjamts from Mongolia he lost to David Mussulbes from Russia and Alexis Rodríguez Valera, and came in fourth place.

In 2002, he won again at the World Championship Trials. His opponent was Thomas Rowlands. But at the world championship that year in Tehran, he could not start because the United States sent no wrestler at this championship. In 2003, he was, however, at the World Championships in New York at the start again. He won there on Duane van Staden from South Africa, Dawud Magomedov from Azerbaijan, Marid Mutalimow from Kazakhstan and Alireza Rezaie from Iran and only lost in the final against Artur Taymazov, with which he won the World Championship silver medal.

In 2004, Kerry McCoy started after a victory at the Olympic Trials before Tolly Thompson in Athens for the second time in the Olympics. After victories over Francesco Miano Petta from Italy and Yuri Mildzikow from Kyrgyzstan was defeated in his third fight against Mulatimow Marid, with which he retired, finishing in seventh place.

After these games, he announced his retirement from the sport wrestler. He had worked since 1997 as an assistant coach at Pennsylvania State University. From 2005 to 2008 he was head coach at Stanford University and since 2009 he is the head coach at the University of Maryland. In addition, he also coached the wrestlers of the Lehigh Valley AC in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and the Terrapin Wrestling Club College Park, MD. In addition, he was in two World Championships head coach of the U.S. Freestyle team and also practiced in the American Wrestling Federation important functions. He lives with his family in Palo Alto.

International success

Note: all the competitions in free style, heavy weight, up to 100 kg to 1996 KG, then to 130 kg and from 2002 up to 120 kg KG, OS = Olympic Games, WM = World Cup

National success

Note: all the competitions in free style, super heavyweight, and 1996 up to 130 kg KG, then abolished, Heavyweight, 1997-2001 up to 130 kg, from 2002 up to 120 kg KG


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