Khwae Noi River, Phitsanulok


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The River Kwai ( Thai: แม่น้ำ แคว น้อย - Maenam Kwai River ) is a river in northern Thailand.

Another Thai river of the same name, but it lies in the west of Central Thailand in Kanchanaburi Province near the Burmese border.


The first element of the name Khwae ( Thai: แคว ) means tributary, the second Noi ( Thai: น้อย ) means small. So is called the literal translation of Maenam Kwai "Little Creek ".


The source of the River Kwai is located in the mountains of the district ( Amphoe ) in the province of Phitsanulok Chat Trakan, within the National Park Namtok Chat Trakan. From here it flows through the agricultural district Chat Trakan and continue through the circles Wat Bot, Wang Thong and Phrom Phiram. Finally, the Kwai River empties into the community ( tambon) Mueang Phitsanulok Chom Thong district in the Maenam Nan ( Nan River ).

The River Kwai is therefore part of the Chao Phraya river system, which south of the capital Bangkok finally empties into the Gulf of Thailand.


The Maenam Kwai River was historically the main transport route and therefore very important for the residents of the province of Phitsanulok and surrounding provinces. The Khwae Noi River along with the larger Nan River brought as communication prosperity and growth to Phitsanulok. Life along the banks of these two rivers influenced the culture of the people of this region very simple.


Tributaries of the River Kwai are the Maenam Om Sing ( Sing Om River ) and Maenam Fua ( Fua River ).

Khwae Noi Dam Project

Because of climate change in recent years have occurred in the rainy season often cause flooding along the Kwai River, which led to a deterioration of arable land. Due to the increased water flow in the Nan River, there was also there to destruction. During the dry season, however, often leads to drought, since the level of Kwai River is too low. Therefore, on the initiative of the king Khwae Noi Dam Project was launched to mitigate these problems in Amphoe Wat Bot. The dam should be completed in 2007.