Namtok Chat Trakan National Park

The National Park Namtok Chat Trakan ( Thai อุทยานแห่งชาติ น้ำตก ชาติตระการ ) is a national park in the province of Phitsanulok in northern Thailand.


The National Park is located in the extreme northeast of the province of Phitsanulok, district ( Amphoe ) Chat Trakan. The distance to the capital of the province is 145 kilometers. The park covers an area of ​​about 235 sq km ( 146 875 Rai ). You can reach the park best of Phitsanulok out on Highway 12 to Ban Yang, then on the side road towards 2013 Chat Trakan, then on the 1143.


The terrain is mostly mountainous - with sandstone predominates - and covered with evergreen forest. Here are the sources of the Menam Nan and the Kwai River and its tributary Phak.

Fauna and Flora

Many animal species have settled here, among them besides many species of birds, the barking deer and mouse deer.


The seven-step waterfall that gave the name to the National Park, the chat Trakan Waterfall ( Thai: น้ำตก ชาติตระการ ), also Pakrong Waterfall ( Thai: น้ำตก ปาก รอง ) called, is considered by many as the most beautiful among the numerous waterfalls of the province. The highest incidence level is 10 meters. A more than a kilometer long footpath leads along the waterfall, he is framed by cliffs. The water flows into the river Phak.


From December to February it can be cold at night. In the hot season, the thermometer rarely rises above 30 ° C, most of the daily maximum temperatures range between 25 ° C and 29 ° C, so it is much less hot than in the lowlands. The rainy season starts in May or June and lasts until October.