Lacrosse at the 1908 Summer Olympics

In the IV Summer Olympics in London in 1908 for the second and last time, a competition was held in lacrosse.

The team from South Africa had its registration withdrawn at short notice, so it was only one game for the gold medal. This took place on 24 October at the White City Stadium held immediately prior to the final of the football tournament.

As in Canada and the UK were different rules, they had to be adjusted slightly for this one game. So the goal area, the ball was slightly larger than usual in the UK, a bit easier than in Canada. The game was also divided into four quarters instead of two halves.

The first quarter decided the Canadians clearly with 5:1 for themselves; after half of the game was 6-2. The British were able to increase in the third quarter and closed at 9:7 on. In the last quarter of the British equalized to 9:9 even from, but then the Canadians were able to implement final and won the game 14:10.



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