1908 Summer Olympics medal table

This table shows the medals of the Olympic Summer Games 1908. The rankings are sorted by the number of gold medals won, followed by the number of silver and bronze medals. If two or more countries, an identical medal on balance, they are performed in alphabetical order on the same rank. This corresponds to the system that is used by the IOC.

(*) In the bronze medal of Dorothy Greenhough -Smith United Kingdom was held Germany assigned, otherwise it corresponds to the database of the IOC.

A total of 109 competitions were held. The variations in the number of medals were as follows:

  • Hockey: It 2 bronze medals were awarded.
  • Lacrosse: It was not awarded a bronze medal.
  • Athletics: In the pole vault two gold, no silver and three bronze medals were awarded in the 400 -meter run only one gold medal. In the high jump, there were three silver, in the state high jump two silver medals and bronze respectively no.
  • Motor-boat: in all three competitions, only the gold medal was awarded.
  • Polo: It was awarded two silver and no bronze.
  • Rackets: It was awarded two bronze medals.
  • Rowing: In all 4 races 2 times bronze was awarded.
  • Rugby: It was not awarded a bronze medal.
  • Sailing: The 7- meter class was only gold, assigned a bronze in the 12 meter class.