Leksand Municipality

Leksand is a municipality (in Swedish kommun ) in the Swedish province of Dalarna County Dalarna and the historic province south of Lake Siljan. The main town of the municipality is Leksand.


The municipality of Leksand extends inland from Lake Siljan Dalarna along the bay Österviken and by the river to the south. The territory occupied by wooded hills. The area around the Österviken and the valley of Österdalälven are used for agriculture.


The municipality of Leksand is a tourist town. Tourist centers are the places on the shores of Siljan. Leksand also has a large number of small industrial plants. Industrial sites are Insjön and Häradsbygden on Österdalälven while the administrative center Leksand is administrative and service center. The town is also known as a name for the coming from the region Leksand Crispbread, a round crispbread.


Leksand offers many attractions, including the home of Axel Munthe.

Larger towns

  • Alvik
  • Djoura
  • Häradsbygden
  • Leksand
  • Insjön
  • Siljansnäs
  • Tällberg
  • Västanvik

Twin Cities

  • Canada Aurora, Canada
  • Japan Tobetsu, Japan
  • United States Brainerd, United States