Oulainen [ ɔu̯lɑi̯nɛn ] (Swedish historically Oulais ) is a city in north-western Finland. It is located around 100 km south of the city of Oulu on the banks of the river Pyhäjoki in the landscape Ostrobothnia.


The community was founded in 1865, in 1977 it was awarded city rights. In addition to the main town Oulainen belong to the municipality of the villages Kilpua, Lehtopää, Matkaniva, Petäjäskoski, Piipsjärvi and Honkaranta. The eponymous lake in the village Piipsjärvi was drained in 1800 to gain agricultural land, but his pelvis was flooded again in 1978. He is the only lake in Finland, which was " restored " in this way and is now a popular fishing area.

Oulainen is by its position on the railway line Oulu -Helsinki, State Road 86 and as the location of the bus company Oulaisten Liikenne a major transport hub in Northern Ostrobothnia. Various medium-sized service providers and industrial companies have settled here.

Station Oulainen

Rapids of Oulainen


City ​​council

The dominant political force in Oulainen is the Centre Party. At the municipal election in 2012, she received more than 50% of the vote. In City Council puts 16 of 27 deputies. Four seats could win the conservative National Coalition Party. The Social Democrats and the right-wing populist True Finns won three mandates yes. A mandate was accounted for by the Left Alliance.

Coat of arms

Description of coat of arms: In a golden green sign cancer.


Oulainen twinned to Hørsholm (Denmark), Karksi (Estonia), Leksand ( Sweden) and Lillehammer (Norway).