Liga ACB

The ACB League is the highest Spanish Basketball League, which is one sporty and economically one of the strongest in Europe. Founded as the Spanish league in 1956 under the name Liga Española de Baloncesto, but it was in 1983, when the current League Association, Asociación de Clubs de Baloncesto (ACB), was launched. Made the championship is currently 18 teams. Since the year 2011, the League has been officially sponsor name "Liga Endesa ".


The ACB league is played in two phases. The first is a round-robin tournament in which each team will play against all other participants a return game. There will be no points, mainly for ranking in the table is the higher number of wins. If two or more teams at the end of the main passage have the same number of games won, so decide ( in this order) the direct duels, the goal average or the higher number of scored points.

After completion of the round tournament to qualify the best eight teams for the play-off. In each case, the first place winner against the Eighth, the second against the Seventh, etc. The quarter-finals will meet in the " Best-of- Three" -. , Played the semi-finals and the final in the " Best-of -Five" mode. The winner of the playoff series is Spanish masters.

Squad restrictions

The Executive Team consists of eleven or twelve players. Four of them, in the case of a 11- man squad or five in a 12 -man squad must have been formed in a club of the Spanish Federation. The main reason is that the player concerned with the prohibition of discrimination exists (eg the Cotonou Agreement) a citizen of Spain, an EU country or a country, and has played in a Spanish club at the age of 14 and 20 at least three.

In addition, two members of the squad may only be a citizen of a country outside of FIBA ​​Europe.

Teams 2013/2014

In the 2013/14 season, the following teams play in the Spanish ACB league:


Overview of the Master

Statistics and awards

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