Mid West (Western Australia)

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Mid West is one of the nine regions of Western Australia, Australia. It lies on the west coast of Australia and extends over 200 km north and south. To the east extends the region more than 800 km inland to Wiluna in the Gibson Desert. Mid West covers an area of ​​472,336 km ² with a population of about 52,000 people.


For thousands of years lived in this region tribes of Aborigines, who are called together Yamaji, these were the clans of Nanda on the north coast, the Nagguja on the south coast, the Amangu to Geraldton and the Greater Geraldton region including the Northern Midlands to Morawa that Wajarri around the region of Murchison at Mullewa and further north at Meekatharra, the Badimia further inland from Yalgoo and at Paines Find and in the area of Mount Magnet. The tribes of the Western Desert were further east of Wiluna at the end of the Gibson desert and Little Sandy Desert.

Dutch were the first Europeans entered the region of Mid West. In 1629 came the Batavia in the region of the Houtman Abrolhos Archipelago, off the coast of Mid West. 48 men of the ship, including the François Pelsaert came to take drinking water on land.

The European exploration and settlement of the region began in the early 1800s after Perth was settled. Lieutenant George Robert Gray explored the coast to Shark Bay and other explorers of Robert Austin, Augustus and Francis Thomas Gregory followed.


In 1850 began the agricultural use of the region as well as the mining of copper. The first settlement included Champion Bay - today Geraldton, Northampton and Mullewa. When gold was discovered in the late 1880 years, prospectors came after cue at the Mount Magnet and Yalgoo after. Later in the 20th century, oil and other mineral deposits in the region were economically significant. Fishing and the catch of lobsters has also economic importance, as well as tourism.

Economic conditions vary depending on location and climate. Near the coast there are between 400 and 500 mm of rainfall, which allows intensive agriculture. Further inland the rainfall decreases to less than 250 mm. The domestic economy is dominated by the mining of gold, nickel and other metals and minerals.

Local administration

The economic and administrative center of the region is located in Geraldton. The region of Mid West is managed by 18 following local government areas:

  • Shire of Carnamah
  • Shire of Chapman Valley
  • Shire of Coorow
  • Shire of Cue
  • City of Geraldton - Greenough
  • Shire of Irwin
  • Shire of Meekatharra
  • Shire of Mingenew
  • Shire of Morawa
  • Shire of Mount Magnet
  • Shire of Mullewa
  • Shire of Murchison
  • Shire of Northampton
  • Shire of Perenjori
  • Shire of Sandstone
  • Shire of Three Springs
  • Shire of Wiluna
  • Shire of Yalgoo