Morgan Taylor

Frederick Morgan Taylor ( born April 17, 1903 in Sioux City, Iowa, † February 16, 1975 in Rochester, New York) was an American athlete who 400m hurdles was successful in the 1920s and early 1930s. After he had set up on 14 June 1924 in Cambridge with 52.6 seconds an unofficial world record, he won the finals in Paris on July 7 at the same time, but again could not be recognized as a world record because he knocked over a hurdle had, which was not permitted under the former rules. At the Olympic Games in Amsterdam in 1928, he won bronze, and four years later in Los Angeles, where he was the standard-bearer of his team, he was able to repeat this success. In the same year the honor fell to him to be able to open the list of electronically stopped world records in the 400m hurdles after running 55.65 seconds in Los Angeles on July 3, 1932. Although his career was relatively long, he played a total of only 30 races.


  • World record of 52.0 sec on ​​July 4, 1928 in Philadelphia
  • Olympic Games in Paris in 1924: Gold in 52.6 sec ahead of the Finn Erik Vilen in 53.8 seconds and his compatriot Ivan Riley in 54.1 sec
  • Olympic Games in Amsterdam in 1928: Bronze in 53.6 seconds behind the Briton Lord Burghley in 53.4 seconds and his compatriot Frank Cuhel in 53.6 sec
  • Olympic Games 1932 in Los Angeles: bronze in 52.0 seconds behind the Irishman Bob Tisdall in 51.7 seconds and his compatriot Glenn Hardin in 51.9 sec
  • AAU Championship: 1924 (440 y): 54.5 seconds
  • 1925 (440 y): 53.8 seconds
  • 1926 (440 y): 55.0 seconds
  • 1928 (400 m): 52.0 seconds