Nicholas, Count of Holstein-Rendsburg

Nikolaus von Holstein ( Klaus or Claas von Holstein ), * 1321; † May 8, 1397 in Itzehoe was, from 1384 to 1397, Count of Holstein- Rendsburg, 1390 was the oldest member of the Rendsburger heritage line of Holstein- Plön and Kiel and was thus leading Earl of North Elbian Schauenburger.


He was the second son of Gerhard III. (Holstein - Rendsburg ) and his wife Sofie von Werle. In 1386 it was abandoning, as he had only a daughter, in favor of his nephew on the investiture with the duchy of Schleswig, after he had reigned since 1340, together with his older brother Henry on parts as pledge master. Then Gerhard VI received. Schleswig by the Danish King Olav II fief.

1354 Nicholas married the widow of Otto von Sachsen- Wittenberg, Elisabeth of Brunswick- Lüneburg, daughter of William II The couple had a daughter.

  • Elisabeth ( * ca 1360; † January 25, 1416, in Kammin )

Elizabeth was with Haakon VI since 1362. ( King of Norway later) been engaged. The engagement was solved but for political reasons in 1363. Haakon instead married Margaret of Denmark.

Nikolaus von Holstein was buried in Itzehoe. His nephew Gerhard VI. was guardian of Elizabeth; Successor as Earl of Rendsburg, his second nephew Albrecht II