Ohaba ( Neudorf German, Hungarian Székásszabadja ) is a town in Alba county in Transylvania, Romania.

Geographical location

The community Ohaba, located in Zekesch Highlands ( Podişul Secaşelor ) in the southwest of the Transylvanian Basin. ( Judetean Drum ) On the county road DJ 106K located, the place is located about 40 kilometers east of the county capital Alba Iulia ( Charles Castle ) (14 kilometers distance) away.


The place Ohaba was first mentioned in records in 1372 under the name Hungarian villa Wyfalw and since 1733 under the present name.

Military show tax bills of 1818, 1830 and 1848, the number of serfs of the village rose steadily from 1823 and all residents were hearing until the revolution of 1848.


1850 lived on the territory of the present municipality of 1,757 inhabitants; 1,718 of these were Romanians and 39 Roma. 1956, with 3264 having the largest population, also simultaneously registers the Romanians ( 3259 ). The highest number of Hungarians (31 ) in 1900, the Germans ( 7) in 1890 and the Roma (39 ) 1850 determined. The population decreased significantly from 1956; 2002 there were still 920 people in the community; 914 were Romanians, three Hungarians and three Roma.


  • The Romanian Orthodox Church in 1926 built and renovated in 1990.