Bistra (Alba)

Bistra (Hungarian Bisztra ) is a town in Alba county in Transylvania, Romania.


The village Bistra is located in the north-west of Alba County, 5 miles east of the city Câmpeni in the valley of Aries on the National Road (Drum National) DN 75 ( Câmpeni - Turda, Cluj Kr ). 85 km from the county capital Alba Iulia, many of the 34 belonging to the community extend settlements on the hills and mountain slopes of the surrounding Apuseni Mountains. The community area is 11,838 hectares. Bistra is part of the historic Pimp country.


The history of the settlement of the region dates back to the late Stone Age. Since the 3rd century BC were already mined for gold and silver, which has increased in the period of Roman occupation. The Romans left a road from the town Apulum (now Alba Iulia ) in the major gold mining area of Alburnus Maior ( Roşia Montană today ) build that passed through the present site Bistra. Documented the village was first mentioned in 1437 under kenezius de Byzere. The place name - which probably is of Slavic origin - is, however, already attested in the early 14th century. In the 15th century the village belonged to the possession of the Weißenburger bishop, after the Reformation to the estate of the place Câmpeni. The inhabitants live today mainly of animal husbandry, forestry and the wood carving.

The leading through the village of narrow gauge railway Turda Abrud ( 93 km ), was opened in 1912 and decommissioned in 1998.


The population of the greater community was as follows:

In the year 2002 there were 5,066 residents of the community of 1,955 in the village of Bistra itself, the other about 3,000 in the 33 incorporated villages.


  • The church Nasterea Maicii Domnului, which is owned by the Romanian Orthodox Church since 1948, until then the Romanian Greek-Catholic Church was one.
  • Monument and memorial plaque for Petru Pavel Aron (1709-1764) in the center of Bistra. Aron was born in Bistra and was bishop of the Romanian Greek-Catholic Church of Blaj and founder of many Romanian schools in Transylvania.
  • Plaque for Vasile Ladislau - Fodor (1814-1865), fellow of Avram Iancu.
  • Plaque and bust of the composer Nicodim Ganea ( 1878-1949 ).


Pictures of Bistra and surroundings: