Oqaatsut (also Oqaitsut ) is a Greenlandic settlement with 50 inhabitants (2012 ), which is 18 km north of Ilulissat.

The old name Rodebay ( " Red Book " ) goes back to the Dutch whalers, who were inspired to this designation from the coloring of the water after a successful whaling. The Greenlandic name, " Oqaatsut " means " cormorants " and points to the steep rock wall at the harbor entrance, where these birds once resided by the hundreds.

Apart from the tourism in the city is the main occupation in Rodebay from hunting and fishing and whaling. One of the specialties of the place is the dried fish - made ​​of either halibut or cod from. Of all settlements throughout the Disko Bay Rodebay is the smallest. In Oqatsut there are no roads and no cars.

In Rodebay the German couple Uta and Ingo Wolff has opened the only guesthouse in the village a few years ago. From Rodebay you can take a nice hike to Bredebugt. The surroundings of Rodebay is an area for adventurous hikes in the arctic nature.

Rodebay is an award-winning WWF pilot project for tourism and conservation in the Arctic.