Savissivik is a small settlement in the north of Greenland with 66 inhabitants ( 2012), located on the northern shore of Melville Bay. A characteristic feature of the village is that it was once hit by meteorite impacts, including a 30 -tonne meteorite that is now on display in New York City, at the American Museum of Natural History. In the Thule Museum in Qaanaaq a small fragment is issued.

In the cliffs above the village breed thousands of auks in the summer. In the neighboring fjords narwhals, seals and polar bears live. Therefore, part of coast was declared a nature reserve, while other parts are suited to dog-sledding (because parts of the sea are frozen for a long time ) or to hunt in the most species- rich waters. The glaciers of the area form a wonderful backdrop for it.

Prior to 2009, the village belonged to the municipality of Qaanaaq, since their resolution to Qaasuitsup Press Office.