Patrizio Sala

Patrizio Sala ( born June 16, 1955 in Bellusco, Lombardy ) is an Italian former football player and later coach. He was part of the team of Torino, the first national championship for the club took in 1949 1976. Furthermore Sala played among others for Sampdoria, Fiorentina and Parma.

In the national football team of his native land him only eight stakes were granted, but he took it to the Football World Cup 1978 in part in Argentina.

Playing career

Club career

Patrizio Sala, born in 1955 in the Lombard city Bellusco in the province of Monza and Brianza, began playing football at the most important club of the province, namely the AC Monza Brianza. In Monza Sala first went through the youth departments before he was inducted into the first team of the then third division in the summer of 1973 at the age of 18 years. In the following two years, spent the midfielder for AC Monza Brianza, both times average rankings were achieved in the context of the then single-track series C. Due to its good performance in the jersey of Monza Brianza larger clubs were aware of the young midfielder. In the summer of 1975, he was finally taken off the AC Torino under contract.

In Torino Patrizio Sala immediately became absolute master player in his first season in Serie A, he was employed in each season game and was therefore a decisive factor in winning the Italian Championship in the 1975 season / 76th In that season the team coached by Luigi Radice, in which played among other players such as Paolino Pulici, Francesco Graziani or Renato Zaccarelli occupied, after all the game day first place with two points ahead of local rivals Juventus. It became the Torino both the best offense and the best defense in the league, the most wins could win and suffered the fewest losses. Winning the title of 1976 represents the first major success of the club - apart from the Cup victories in 1968 and 1971 - since the end of the so-called Grande Torino, the great team of Torino in the 1940s that in 1949 in the crash of Superga was almost completely wiped out, dar. to date, those masters title is the last such, the club experienced a slight decline and no longer belongs now long been one of the leading forces in Italian club football.

At times Patrizio Salas saw, however, still different. In the year after the championship of the Torino was once again among the best teams in Italy and had to admit defeat this time only Juventus, which was better by one point in the championship race. The following years were for the 1977 running under the name Torino Calcio club quite successful, we gained almost any season ranked among the best five teams in Italy, until 1980/81 they landed again on a midfield place. Furthermore, the team achieved in 1980 and 1981, the final of the Coppa Italia, but failed both times on penalties at AS Roma. Patrizio Sala counted there in two years to the regulars and played all the finals. The lost leg at the finals of the Coppa Italia 1980/81 was also the last match of Patrizio Sala for Torino Calcio. He left the club in the summer of 1981 after six successful years with quite 159 league games and four goals.

After his involvement with Torino Calcio Patrizio Sala went to Sampdoria. With the ambitious club, he managed to climb out of the B Series, after he was in the 1981/82 season of the Italian football the House finished second, only behind Hellas Verona, occupied. After climbing Patrizio Sala Sampdoria left back, he went to Fiorentina. In Florence, however, he did not manage to become the undisputed master player and came in a year in Tuscany on 21 league bets. After that he went for a year to the SC Pisa, where, however, the descent from the Serie A happened.

In 1984, Sala again the club and joined the AC Cesena, who was then in the B series. In Cesena Patrizio Sala stood for three years until 1987 under contract, and brought it in this period to 95 league games in which he scored four Torerfolge. In the Serie B 1986/87 Patrizio Sala managed with AC Cesena to return to the excellence, a year later succeeded under the later Neapolitan master coach Alberto Bigonville ninth place in Serie A 1987/88 the safe relegation. But Sala had moved on after the rise and had joined the second division club AC Parma in the summer of 1987. In two years at AC Parma each placement in the upper middle of the series were achieved B, witnessed the rise of the financially well-established association Patrizio Sala no longer as a player of AC Parma, he had already left the club a year earlier. Finally, let his footballing career Sala 1989-1990 end with Solbiatese Arno Calcio in the depths of the amateur range.


Patrizio Sala came 1976-1980 to a total of eight matches in the Italian national football team. This limited number of international appearances for his country is to establish, among other things the fact that he did is difficult to Romeo Benetti, who recorded the same position as Sala, come over. Nevertheless it Italy coach Enzo Bearzot nominated to the squad for the World Cup 1978 in Argentina. It Sala, however, was used only once in the match for third place, he was part of the Italian team that defeated Brazil 1-2.

Coaching career

After the end of his active career as a football player Patrizio Sala became a coach. His first engagement as responsible on the sidelines was former pro from 1995 to 1996 at SC Leffe, after he had previously been an assistant coach at AC Monza Brianza. But, as with most of his next coach stations was granted to him no great good fortune, most stations ended early and unsuccessful. His most last coach took office Patrizio Sala 2005-2006 at AS Casale, result was the descent into the series D.

In 2005, he also returned briefly to his old club FC Turin back and coached for a few months, the junior team of the club.


  • Italian Championship: 1x
  • Promotion to Serie A: 2x